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      June 5, 2021

      Ralph Lauren Launched the World’s First Zero-Waste Dyeing System

      Ralph Lauren's new Color on Demand system promises to improve sustainability by using fewer chemicals and resources during the cotton dyeing process. We explore the intricate details of the technology and the company's future goals in this article.
      June 4, 2021

      Digital Makeover: How L’Oréal Put People First to Build a Beauty Tech Powerhouse (a Book Review) 

      Get a deeper look into L'Oréal's 110-year old existence with Digital Makeover. The book offers a comprehensive analysis of the company's strategies and its evolution over the years to give readers an objective outlook.
      June 3, 2021

      BFC Has Announced Dates For its Digital-First London Fashion Week

      The British Fashion Council has announced the digital-first London Fashion Week presented by Clearpay. The event will reportedly happen between June 12th and June 14th. Learn more details about the official partners, suppliers, and supporters.
      May 25, 2021
      Source / SKINNER

      UNTANGLED: Discover Polyform, The Gears Behind Sustainable Interactive Experiences

      There’s a surge in the use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biometrics, and facial recognition technologies among many retail brands for optimizing the interactions between companies […]
      May 22, 2021
      Image / H&M

      Smart Mirrors – Learn How They Are Redefining Shopping Experience

      Powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality, these mirrors are here to revolutionize the way you shop.
      May 18, 2021
      Image / Asics

      ASICS VR Summit Introduces 3D-Printed Shoes For Athletes

      In its first virtual reality summit, ASICS has raised the bar for 3D-manufactured shoes with its Metaspeed Edge and Sky shoes. The shoes come with a high-performance innovation that aims to help athletes improve their speed and their game.
      May 16, 2021
      Image / Oppo Band Style

      Oppo Band Style Review – How It Compares To Xiaomi Mi Band 6

      Oppo has launched a new fitness tracker, Band Style, just a few weeks after Xiaomi Mi Band 6 launch. We look into the features of the new smart band and see if it's worth the price (and the hype).
      May 14, 2021
      Image / Atlas Wearables

      A New Peloton Acquisition Hints A New Smartwatch

      Peloton has acquired a number of fitness and wearable tech companies. Could this mean that Peloton is looking into launching its own smart wearable tech?
      May 8, 2021
      Image / Gucci

      Will You Buy Digital Gucci Sneakers At Just $9?

      The luxury industry is constantly testing the waters of digital fashion, and Gucci wants to make sure they are part of that conversation. Now you can wear Gucci virtual sneakers for as low as $9!
      May 4, 2021
      Source / XUPERMASK Debuts Wearable Tech Mask – XUPERMASK

      In a time when face masks are a necessity, has launched a face mask with unique audio engineering and connectivity.