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There is so much more that we can achieve by knowing how to leverage tech to effortlessly keep fit and healthy. Wearable fashion tech has become a new subcategory for health tech and fitness tech. Wearable fashion tech for seems to be crawling towards its apex. And along with it come the opportunities to find better ways to stay fit.  Would you like to try wearable tech gadgets and apps that can improve your day-to-day productivity and help you stay fiot for challenging tasks? Here’s a round up of a couple stylish and functional products you can try this year to elevate your fitness.

Credits / Sensoria

Get real-time running feedback with Sensoria fitness wearables + systems

Sensoria offers a complete system to enhance your training from head to toe. The Smart Upper Garments provide real-time heart rate monitoring capabilities while the Smart Socks can help improve your running form by measuring cadence, impact forces and foot landing. Paired with their high-tech sensor bra, and high-tech sensor socks, you will receive real-time voice feedback. The app also tracks steps, altitude, distance, and speed.


Credits / Nadi X

Get a personal yoga instructor with Nadi X

If you ever wanted to practice yoga without any visual cues, Nadi X is your go-to product. These yoga pants are designed with innovative vibrating technology woven into the fabric to guide you about your pose.

The pants are connected to the iOS app that guides you through various yoga poses from its extensive library. The vibrational feedback ensures that you have the correct balance for every pose.


Credits / Under Armour

Recover like Tom Brady with Under Armour’s Athlete Recovery sleepwear

The innovative sleepwear promises faster recovery for hard-core athletes and gym enthusiasts. It uses far-infrared technology to heal sore muscles and regenerate cells.

The sleepwear comes with a patterned lining of biochemical particles, which absorb your body’s infrared wavelengths to reflect far-infrared energy that helps with quick recovery.


Credits / Siren Socks

Detect foot injuries with Siren socks

One of the most health beneficial fashion tech products on our list is the Siren socks. The innovative tech wearable aims to help people with diabetes reduce the risks of foot amputations. The Siren socks detect foot injuries that may lead to serious complications if not treated early. The socks are only available with a doctor’s prescription. Recently the company has raised 11.8M.


Credits / Bellabeat

Track reproductive health and predict stress with the Bellabeat leaf urban pendant

With the Bellabeat leaf urban pendant, women can track their reproductive health, sleep, menstrual cycle, and predict stress. Other features include a smart alarm, wireless sync, and activity tracking without any need for charging.


Credits / Levi

Try cycling using a sleeve phone with Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard

Levi’s is on a mission to make wearable tech as convenient as possible. The Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket is designed in collaboration with Google ATAP’s Project Jacquard technology.

The jacket offers consumers a quick and hand-free way to connect to their phones with a simple touch of the sleeve. You can wirelessly access your phone, mobile apps and even perform functions like adjusting the volume, silencing a phone call, or estimating ETA on destinations.

The technology is discreetly woven into the fabric making it easy for you to access your phone and its features with a simple touch. Next time you’re cycling or going out for an errand, this jacket will come in handy.


Wearable fashion tech concepts to look out for

Credits / Higia Technologies

A Biosensor bra that may detect early signs of breast cancer 

We want the wearable fashion tech to do more for us than just let us connect to phones or give feedback on performance. Some high-tech wearable brands understand this need. The idea of biosensor bra was born because Julian Rios Cantu, founder of the company Higia technologies, wanted wearable tech to do better.

The idea of a biosensor bra that detects breast cancer isn’t new, but it’s worth mentioning. While women should never skip their yearly mammograms, the biosensor bra can help with early detection.

The bra is equipped with over 200 tactile biosensors designed to monitor texture, temperature, and color changes.

Samsung smart clothing for elevated wellness 

Samsung is making headway with its high-tech smart clothing aimed at improving users’ health. The recent wearable fashion tech from Samsung is a smart shirt with embedded sensors to monitor your lung health. This will help diagnose respiratory conditions so that they can be treated as soon as possible.

The company also wants to create smart footwear that would give athletes real-time advice and feedback regarding their performance. If successful, these smart clothing articles will pave the way for high-tech medical treatments.

EMPA cardio belt will help you monitor your heart health and much more 

Empa cardio belt comes embroidered with electrodes to register heart activity throughout the night. The metallic layers on the surface of the thread are skin-friendly, conductive, and easily washable.

This wearable tech will help people who suffer from sleep apnea. The belt is currently being studied for other medical purposes including Alzheimer’s disease.

Understand what you need to do to elevate your fitness and then find the right apps and gadgets. Once you have your hands on the right tech tools, you’ll be able to accomplish more than you thought you could.

Which of these fashion tech products would you like to try? Tell us in the comments below.

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This post was last updated on 19, September 2021. 

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