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Last Update >>> October 13, 2021

The much-anticipated Oppo Band Style fitness tracker brought a couple of features at a very reasonable cost. This is the latest cheap wearable tech product on the market by a mobile phone company. It joins other similar fitness trackers including Samsung Galaxy Fit Line, Huawei Bands, OnePlus Bands, Xiaomi Mi Band 6, and Honor Band 6 to mention a few.

Oppo Band Price

Priced around $40, the device is reasonably priced compared to its competitors. We earlier did a review of Xiaomi Mi Band 6, and in this post, we’ll see how the features of the two fitness trackers compare. And hopefully, by the end of this post, you will know which one will suit your fitness needs the best.


A more sophisticated version of Xiaomi Band

Image / Xiaomi Band 6 (left), Oppo Band Style (right)

Oppo Band Specs

The Oppo Band Style looks pretty similar to any other standard trackers available in the market. But upon close inspection, you’ll see that it offers unique components blended to create a wearable tech.

The band has a tiny, thin, and 1.1-inch long display that looks sophisticated compared to chunky displays on some fitness trackers. With 126 x 294 resolution, the Band promises a decent display and touchscreen for easy navigation through the Band menu. The strap material is soft and does not bite into the skin or cause redness. Available in matte black, the Band comes with up to 5ATM of water resistance. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look with steel detailing, this might be a better option for you than the Xiaomi Band 6.

The band comes with a 100mAh battery that gives a 12-day battery life. In terms of fitness modes, you can choose from 12 different exercise types including step counting, outdoor cycling, swimming, cricket, and other health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, Sp02 monitoring, and sleep-tracking.

Moreover, the Band offers additional lifestyle features such as camera controls, weather reports, and notification handling. The Band will conveniently dish out notifications regarding calls and from other apps and let you control music. It also allows you to control your smartphone camera, which is a big plus.


How does it compare to the Xiaomi Mi 6 Band?


In terms of design and style, the Oppo Band Style seems to have a sleek look that many of its competitors. In terms of features, it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Xiaomi Mi 6 Band with an exception of a few features. We have done a complete review of the Xiaomi Mi 6 Band, find it here. 


Below, we have compared the features of the two fitness trackers. 


Oppo Band Style has upgraded with a little more features than Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 and so comes with a slightly higher price. Additionally, you get an extra wrist strap with Oppo Band Style. On 26th April 2021, Lei Jun, the CEO of the Xiaomi brand, announced that the Mi Band 6 has surpassed 1 million shipments worldwide. 

Both variants of the band (NFC and non-NFC) have sold in a much shorter time than anticipated. This is a nod to Xiaomi’s prominence in the global wearable tech market and a testament to its growing popularity and demand. In contrast, Oppp’s wearable tech just launched earlier in March only in India. So Oppo may not garner decent sales as Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is available worldwide now.


Image / Oppo Band Style

How To Connect Oppo Band To Phone?

You can connect your app to your phone using HeyTap Health app. Within the app, go to ‘manage’ to change the settings, and control how you use your band.

How To Turn On Oppo Band?

The Band should activate when you tap on the screen. But if it doesn’t, take the sphere out of its socket and place it within the charging base. Once you connect the charger, the screen will come to life.

The surge in fitness trackers in recent years highlights the strong demand for fitness tracking. Most fitness trackers are priced around $30 or more making it super easy for anyone, anywhere to access features like a heart monitor, oxygen level monitoring, and much more. We anticipate the launch of a smarter fitness tracker that would include accurate health reports for faster healing and recovery.

When it comes to choosing the right fitness tracker, you will always have a lot of options. It should all come down to what exactly you need in your fitness tracker. Oppo Style Band is without a doubt a budget band like Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 with slight differences in style and some features. Which one do you think strikes your fancy? 

Let us know in the comments below.

We did a complete review of Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Read it here.


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