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At the 2023 WWDC event, Apple revealed its revolutionary Vision Pro AR headset, setting the stage for a transformative era in Augmented Reality (AR). Despite numerous companies, such as Magic Leap and Xreal, dabbling in the creation of AR glasses for B2B and B2C use cases, none have achieved a comprehensive product like the Vision Pro. This groundbreaking device is a harmonious blend of advanced design, exceptional specifications, and diverse functionalities. Its strength, backed by an impressive portfolio of 5000 patents, promises to reshape the landscape of AR, surpassing any existing offerings in the market.

Apple’s Vision Pro Dashboard. Image: Apple

Fueling the Vision Pro is the Apple Silicon dual chip – M2 and R1, bringing top-tier processing power to deliver a seamless AR experience. The device boasts 4K TV-like lenses for crystal-clear visuals, complemented by a rich soundscape created through spatial audio and ambiance spatial audio features.

Backed by 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 spatial speakers, the Vision Pro captures intricate details and offers an immersive spatial awareness like no other. It operates on a dedicated Vision OS and lasts for two hours on a single charge.

Innovative Design & Advanced Material

Apple’s Vision Pro. Image: Apple

Designed with Apple’s meticulous attention to detail and exquisite design sensibility, the Vision Pro headset is crafted from a sturdy aerospace alloy. This choice of material not only showcases its durability but also ensures a lightweight build, making it comfortable for extended use. In particular, this feature becomes crucial when considering the headset’s suitability with prescriptions.

Core Functionalities


Apple’s Vision Pro Workspace. Image: Apple
  • Allows seamless integration with Mac and iPhone for efficient work management.
  • Supports 3D vision, empowering users with a more comprehensive perspective.
  • Facilitates virtual keyboard for efficient and intuitive interaction.
  • Enables hand gesture and voice-activated controls for intuitive user interface.
  • Allowing users to engage with others in an immersive AR environment while using Facetime and other native productive apps. You can also create digital twins (Face and voice) to display during calls.
  • Enables integration with work-focused apps such as Microsoft Office Suite, Cisco, and Zoom for enhanced productivity.
Apple’s Vision Pro Facetime. Image: Apple

Entertainment & Home:

  • Collaborates with Disney Plus, opening up a new frontier for home entertainment.
  • Offers life-size scale photo and video viewing experiences.
  • Provides 3D capturing capabilities and video experiences for heightened immersion.
  • Integrates with popular media apps like Netflix and Spotify for a well-rounded entertainment experience.
Apple’s Vision Pro Entertainment Mode. Image: Apple


Revolutionizes gaming with spatial cinema and interactive gaming features. Vision Pro supports more than 100 different games from the Apple Arcade library, further enriching the gaming experience. Additionally, the system is compatible with PS5 or Xbox controllers, adding flexibility and enhancing user control during gameplay.

Apple’s Vision Pro Gaming Mode. Image: Apple

Developer Collaboration

In a bid to foster creativity and innovation, Apple has expanded their existing developer’s tools and also partnered with Unity, offering developers the tools they need to fully exploit the Vision Pro’s capabilities.

Apple’s Vision Pro Developer App. Image: Apple


The Vision Pro also integrates Apple’s Optic ID, ensuring secure usage for Apple Pay and password authentication, underscoring Apple’s commitment to user privacy.

A New Future of Display

Set for release in early 2024 at $3499, the Apple VisionPro represents a new frontier in AR technology. Its advanced design, exceptional specs, and wide range of functionalities mark a significant leap in the evolution of AR, offering users an unparalleled immersive experience that can be integrated in every scenario of our daily lives.

Mo Zhou