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AI-Generated Music Takes Over Nightclub at “Algorhythm” Event in London

Can AI-generated beats match the vibe of a real-life DJ and mixer?

In London, partygoers at a nightclub in East London took part in a first-of-its-kind event and danced to AI-generated music beats. The unique experimental rave aimed to test whether an app can match the vibe of real-life records and a mixer. Hosted by promoter George Pinnegar, the event titled “Algorhythm” aimed to answer the question: can an artificial intelligence app match the vibe of a real-life DJ and mixer?

The Technology Behind the Beats

The answer is “sort of”. The app called Mubert, developed by a team of Ukrainian and Russian developers, is an AI-powered music generator. It uses human-made loops and samples to generate brand-new tracks, and users can like or dislike the app’s generative music. This allows it to adapt and evolve over time.

The Mubert Team behind the AI-Generated Music

Mixed Reactions to AI-Generated Music

However, not all partygoers were impressed by the AI-generated music. While the AI-generated beat series was well-received by some, others felt that it lacked the complexity and variety of traditional electronic music. According to Rose Cuthbertson, a 24-year-old AI master’s student, “It could be more complex…It doesn’t have that knowledge of maybe other electronic genres that could make the music more interesting. But it’s still fun to dance to.”

Despite this, many partygoers praised the AI-generated tracks and enjoyed the unique experience. According to Pietro Capece Galeota, a 26-year-old computer programmer, “It’s been doing a pretty good job so far.”

The Potential of AI-Generated Music

Mubert’s CEO, Paul Zgordan, believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize the music industry, but he acknowledges that there is still a long way to go before generative songs can match the complexity and emotional depth of human-made music. He said, “There is no ChatGPT for music because music is more complex…For now, technology is not ready.”

Overall, the event showcased the potential of AI-generated songs and it will be fascinating to see how this technology develops in the coming years.

Source: PRNewswire
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Joygill Moriah

Cofounder of Hybrid Rituals. Founder of GLIMPSE. Digital Art & trends researcher.

Cofounder of Hybrid Rituals. Founder of GLIMPSE. Digital Art & trends researcher.