Sitting on the balcony, thinking where I been, another city kissed, I get riddled by the sins, where do we begin? Pride tried to lead me where defeat tried to win. I’m trying to be me but streets wylin.


Goya Gumbani & Kiina’s long awaited collaboration, “Sunscreen”, finally premieres today. This music video more so serves as a cinematic masterpiece documenting Goya Gumbani & Kiina in the English Countryside. Utilizing black-and-white cinematography, the audience’s eyes dart to the deliberate attentive details carefully constructed throughout like the constant shifts between tailored British-equestrian outfits, Classic cars on farmland and proper North Face Coats & good weed smoke sessions doing some late night construction work in the barnyards of Great Britain, all styled by Kendrick Cumberbach. This stunning composition brings life to the gorgeous layering of vocals and instrumentals promoting the unending pursuit of building your vision, staying true to your sun and inner light despite what else in the world maybe crumbling.

My feet, in the knee deep, keep grinding, snakes and ladders trying to keep climbing, faith don’t matter the degrees rising. Keep trying…..


Fresh off a performance at Pitchfork Music Festival London 2022, South London-based,Hip Hop & Jazz artist Goya Gumbani is a compelling voice of new horizon for a new generation of black artists finding their voice in the global landscape with its modern cultural pitfall, lingering political and humanitarian questions about the state (and fate) of the word.  

Combining the teachings of his English-Jamaican mother and Guyanese father with the experiences of moving from Brooklyn – NY, to South London as a teenager.  with the use of poetic artistry. In a suffocating society that expects black people to adjust and comply with the broken clockwork of a deeply broken system, his new production urges those to instead reach for the sun and find direction in the face of oppression. 



bag em up, same things that happen to you happen to us….truth leaving,  the stock, exchange ain’t matter, the gains can’t be measured, game left shit severed, we were saved by the lessons…

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You could find me where the sun be resting, like a blessing….
Running to the sun, that’s my one need…

Check out the premiere of “Sunscreen” below and follow Goya Gumbani & Kiina towards the sun, just make sure you’re not wearing any sunscreen!  


Tell them 📢  Hybrid Rituals // Glimpse Sent You  👉 Goya Gumbani & Kiina – “Sunscreen” 

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Ross Westland – Producer/ Creative Director – @rosswestland

Joe Marshall – Director / Editor – @josephjmarshall

Robert Fenton – Drone Op – @fentonfilm

Jamie Mourn – Gaffer – @jamiemourn

Kendrick Cumberbatch – Stylist 

OGbloops – Mix&Master (Music) -@ogbloops

2022 GGwav & Wing Yip Records


Goya Gumbani




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A multimedia digital artist based in Vancouver, BC! Pouring her emotions into her artistry, her work serves as a creative outlet. Yujin/Flux aims to constantly integrate new media forms into her productions.