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Jan 11th-14th 2020, international tech trade show CES2021 (Consumer Electronics Show) has released some of the world’s leading wearable techs for both everyday shoppers and enterprises. We have put together our favourite top 5 products that you can optimize your daily rituals with this year.

Entering 2021 doesn’t mean 2020’s black magic is gone. With the rise of 5G, AI and MR technologies, many new innovations exhibited at the CES2021 event responses directly to the concerns caused by the pandemic. Here are the top 3 wearable trends we noticed from the event:

  1. Wearable displays for portability and workplace agility
  2. Wearable health devices for physical well-being
  3. Customizable cosmetics at home for max personalization


1. Wearable displays 

TCL Wearable Display Sunglasses

Credits / The TCL Wearable Display

The TCL Wearable Display is a pair of sunglasses that comes with 140-inch 1080p mini OLED displays on each lens. This aim of this is to create a portable and accessible with just simple TV functions (No VR or AR). The release date is sometime in 2021, price is yet to be announced. With the exponential growth in online TV, this pair of sunglasses might be your to-go for a movie on the beach.



– Two 1080p mini OLED displays

– 140-inch display


Lenovo ThinkReality A3 

Credits / Thinkreality A3 by Lenovo

No more monitors and monitor arms! Smaller and sleeker than the ThinkReality A6 headset from 2019, Thinkreality A3 is a newer version released this year that is rumoured to be available by mid-2021. The glasses are made exclusively for enterprise employees to optimize workplace agility. The AR glasses is able to create a mixed reality workspace that displays multiple virtual monitors.



– Light and portable, can be used anywhere

– 8-megapixel 1080p camera

– Customized AR workspace dashboard with Windows software tools and applications

– Compatible for Motorola via USB-C and PC 

2. Wearable health devices

Razer Project Hazel Smart Mask 

Credits / Project Hazel Smart Mask

Muffled voices, hidden facial features and filter qualities are some main concerns that comes with a normal KN95, 3Poly and fabric masks. Project Hazel by Razer concept smart mask aims to solve all the above mentioned un-comfortableness we encounter. What we like about this is that it comes with voice amplifier and a clear silicon-based covering which helps make communicating much easier without losing its filtration and ventilation functionalities. This product may sound like the all-inclusive solution to what we are facing now, however Razer did not give a clear release date and pricing.



– Color can be changed on demand.

– UV light designed to kill bacteria while the mask charges

– Transparent mask design with N95 equivalent protection

– Has mic. amplifier to avoid voice muffling.


Credits / AirPop Active+


If you’re look for a ready-to-buy smart mask, we recommend you the AirPop Active+, a product that was also shown at CES2021. This smart mask featuring a Halo sensor that its creators claim measures the user’s breathing data and the air quality of their surroundings. The sensor in the mask works together with a smartphone app to track breathing data and the pollutants blocked by the mask filter. The mask will be available at select retailers this year for $149.99.


ible Technology Inc Air purifier

Credits / Airvida by ible Technology Inc

Airvida’s air purifiers are portable neck-wears that uses the “Breathing Pathways Eco Ion Technology” to filter out airborne pollutant such as pollen, PM2.5 and pet hairs. The tips of the neck-wear generates more than 2 million ions/ cm3 every 0.6 seconds, which is 100 times more than a forest. It comes in 3 different models suited for different needs: Airvida L1 is the main model that is suitable for everyone. Airvida M1 is a lighter version and can be used as a desktop air purifier. Airvida C1 is a light, 22G weighted, made for children aged between 2-10 years old.



? Generates 100 times more ions/ cm3 than a forest

? Reduce pollen, allergens, PM2.5 and more

? Young children friendly


3. Customizable cosmetics 

Perso YSL Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure Powered 


Credits/ YSL Rouge sur mesure


Finding the perfect shade of makeup can be difficult, especially when you’re apart of the POC community. YSL at CES2021 announced their customizable lipstick powered by Perso, a L’oreal innovation company. The high-tech beauty device is a auto color mix tool with replaceable cartridge sets. You will have the freedom to create any shade of lipstick as you wish without going to the store or wait for packages to arrive. YSL also mentioned that they will be releasing customizable foundations with similar technology soon. Stay tuned for our update on this.



– Cartridges using YSL Beauty Velvet Cream Matte Finish formula

Choose lip color via APP: AI suggestion, color wheel and auto color match based on photo

– Color cartridge bundle: Red, Nude, Orange, Pink


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Mo Zhou

Founder of Hybrid Rituals. #AlwaysCurious

Founder of Hybrid Rituals. #AlwaysCurious