April 22, 2021

      Sustainable Fashion Innovations To Try Out This Earth Day

      Every time you buy a new outfit, you are contributing to the traditional manufacturing processes that harm the planet. Learn how to choose sustainable fashion and reduce the impact of carbon emissions caused by the fashion industry.
      June 5, 2021

      Ralph Lauren Launched the World’s First Zero-Waste Dyeing System

      Ralph Lauren's new Color on Demand system promises to improve sustainability by using fewer chemicals and resources during the cotton dyeing process. We explore the intricate details of the technology and the company's future goals in this article.
      July 17, 2021
      Mills Fabrica

      The Mills Fabrica Tech Incubator Is Supporting Sustainability Startups

      Are you a startup looking to reduce waste during manufacturing and along the supply chain? If so, Nan Fung Group’s innovation hub could be a perfect […]
      August 4, 2021
      PANGAIA launches new sustainable materials made out of fruits and plants

      PANGAIA Sustainable Materials Replace Cotton with Fruits & Veggies

      With new PANGAIA sustainable materials, you can now wear fruits and veggies. The two new fabrics launched by the company use natural bamboo and fruit leaves that do not require fertilizers, pesticides, or insane amounts of water.
      August 19, 2021

      Allbirds Launches Sustainable Activewear: The Natural Run Collection

      Allbirds has a new sustainability collection designed from natural materials including eucalyptus fiber and merino wool. Learn how the company is striving to reach its goal to become fully sustainable by 2025.
      August 25, 2021

      What Is A B Corp Certification? A Logo Everyone Must Know

      If you are a conscious consumer, buying from a B Corp certified company could mean that you are contributing to sustainability. Learn what is a B Corp-certified brand and how to buy responsibly.
      August 26, 2021
      Hunter Boots "Protect Our Forests Collection"

      Hunter Boots Launches A 7-pledge Sustainability Initiative And A Vegan Collection   

      Hunter Boots has a new collection and a sustainability and accountability initiative that outlines the brand’s plans to tackle sustainability issues. Discover the 7 pledges of the new initiative and how they may contribute to sustainable fashion.  
      August 26, 2021
      How to become a B Copr-certified brand

      How To Get B Corp Certification In 2021 – Common FAQs

      B Corp certification is proof that a brand is committed to sustainability practices. Do you care about the environment and your consumers? If yes, you need to consider B Corp certification. Learn the most common FAQs related to the certification.