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Global Change Award 2022 applications will close on October 20, 2021! If you are an innovative fashion startup, apply now to win a million euro grant.  

What Is The Global Change Award 2022?

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to global pollution. It consistently adds to land, water, and air pollution, while disrupting biodiversity. Global Change Award seeks to work with fashion startups or innovators/technologists who aim to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the fashion industry.

According to the organization’s website, they are seeking “Bright minds who can reinvent fashion and change the way it is seen, worn and made.” The goal is to find innovations that directly transform the supply chains and manufacturing processes to reduce chemical use and replace conventional methods with sustainable practices.

If you are not sure what sustainability practices are, check out some of the BCorp brands. Clothing companies like Pangaia have switched from conventional materials to pulp-derived materials to reduce land, water, and air pollution associated with making clothes. Pangaia also introduced its own Air-Ink that was derived from air pollution.

In addition, Big brands like Ralph Lauren have introduced new systems to reduce the use of chemicals during the manufacturing processes. Ralph Lauren’s Cotton Dyeing System is a prominent example.

Past Recipients of Global Change Award

The past recipients include:


Galy is producing cotton in a lab to reduce the use of water and gas emissions that are usually part of the process.


Werewool is creating biodegradable materials that have the desired stretch, color, and water-resistance properties without any need for long traditional processing that aids in pollution.

Seachange Technologies

Seachange technologies are cleaning wastewater to reuse it and reduce the harmful effects of sludge in landfills.

Read the full list of winners here.   

What Are the Requirements Global Change Award 2022?

To learn about the complete list of rules and regulations, please check out the organizations’ Terms and Conditions. Here are a couple of things you should know about the award:

– Participating in the award does not cost anything (there is no application fee).

– You can only have one entry per person/organization.

– You can only apply with ideas that are 100% yours and do not violate someone else’s copyright.

– The award includes a million euros grant that is divided among 5 winners. If you apply during the first half of the application period, you get the chance to become the Early Bird Winner. You will be invited to join the five winners; however, you will not share the grant with them.

– Apart from the financial support, if you are one of the five winners you get life-long networking support and a chance to join the Alumni.

– You are expected to bring your idea to execution according to the plan you submit during your application. You are also expected to participate in the GCA impact accelerator.

– You will be expected to submit a short report after 6 and 12 months outlining your progress.

– The entry must be in English.

– All entries will be judged based on the potential of the idea to scale and create a lasting impact. The idea should be highly viable, and you need to prove that winning the grant will definitely create a positive impact on the planet.

– The competition is not open for commercial entities.

– At the time of application, you must be 18 years old.

Read the full list of FAQs here.  

Who Are The Panelists?

The Impact Advisors include experts from from entrepreneurial, business, and fashion communities. These advisors include Betelhem Dessie (CEO, iCog Anyone Can Code), Malin Akerman (Actor and environmentalist), and Rachel Cernansky (senior sustainability editor, Vogue Business). Check out the full list of the panellists below:

About HM Foundation

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, H&M is a non-profit organization focused on bringing a positive change to the planet. It receives private funding from the Stefan Persson family and the H&M founders. It was founded to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Since 2013, the family has donated over SEK 1.5 billion to safeguard the safety of the planet and its inhabitants.

Apply for the grant here.   

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