April 4, 2021
      Source / BalanX Bill Zhang

      UNTANGLED: BalanX EMS Fitness Suits For Efficient Physical Health

      Going to the gym or simply working out at home may sound like a hassle for many. Many brands have come up with various work out […]
      April 18, 2021

      Google Nest: Wellness Tech Meets Smart Home Tech

      Google Nest, previously Google Home, is stretching its wings to wellness tech with a sleep tracking system designed to detect disturbances in the room including coughing, snoring, and temperature and light changes.
      October 2, 2021
      Kylie Jenner Fitness Mirror

      Kylie Jenner Spotted Using Smart Mirror To Stay Fit

      Kylie Jenner took a selfie in front of a smart mirror while working out in her home gym. Here's What you need to know about smart mirrors and how they can get you in shape.