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Did Kylie Jenner just show the world how she stays in shape? The youngest of the Kardashians shared a selfie in front of (what appears to be) a smart mirror.

Image / @Kylie Jenner

What Exactly Does A Smart Mirror Do?

The term smart mirror isn’t new. The concept has been used in retail and beauty for a while now. However, in the fitness industry, these mirrors are just beginning to get the attention they deserve.

A smart mirror, like the one Kylie’s using, helps you work out with a certified instructor right in your living room. Who needs to go to the gym anymore? The mirror is basically a door to fitness that you can unlock with an app and access dozens of training programs and certified trainers.

It hides in plain sight and only needs a two-foot space. It’ll easily fit on your wall and turn into a full-blown home gym anytime you want.

Features of smart fitness mirror


The mirror is one of the most widely used fitness mirrors right now. It offers:

  • Expert instructions and feedback from the top fitness instructors.
  • Real-time goal optimization using advanced camera technology and algorithms that suggest workouts according to your specific fitness goals. The proprietary algorithms adjust training programs based on your profile and preferences.
  • Carefully curated playlists featuring genres and songs that are the right fit for your workout goals.
  • You can compete with others or yourself to reach specific fitness goals. You can join competitive classes and score points for reaching target heart-rate zones.
  • You can even invite your friends, work out together or share your progress.
  • You can track your progress via a comprehensive performance dashboard

The mirror workouts

The smart mirror offers 50 + genres with live classes (5-60 minutes) geared towards both beginners and experts. You can try boxing, Barre, Kickboxing, Cardio training, Pilates, Pre+Postnatal workout, simple to advance stretches, body sculpting, dance cardio, medication, Latin dance workout, Hip Hop workout, and much more. 

You can work out with your entire family (one membership gives unlimited access for six members) and connect to as many devices as you like. It allows you to connect to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Apple Watch, speakers, and much more.

The home gym mirror is available for $1,495 that you can pay off in easy monthly instalments as low as $32. If you buy it with essentials, it may cost you $1,695 and $1,845.

The mirror generally has positive reviews, with most users more than happy with their purchase. Check out some reviews below before you decide to give it a try.



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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.