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The infamous fairytale “snow white” is being brought to reality with smart mirrors that talk to you. In this post, we are going to talk about smart mirrors in retail and how they can help you experience advanced shopping through MR. 


What exactly are smart mirrors? 


Smart mirrors in retail are designed to help you shop better. Imagine there are 20 pairs of different hues of white jogger designs, and you’re looking for that special one in petite size. Instead of going through countless racks, and perhaps even digging through the hidden on-sale pile of a store corner, you can now easily locate what you want, and try them on virtually with a simple mirror. 

Recently, Nobal Technologies, a Calgary-based company was invited by Visa and Monse to work on an innovative iMirror that would allow users to view and purchase items through the touchscreen mirror. The mirror’s underlying technology equips it to collect customer data such as shopping habits, colors, styles, and trends to help you shop better. 

Smart mirrors like iMirror can help you shop your favorite brands without having to go through the conventional sales process.  So you may ask why are retailers choosing smart mirrors?  

Companies like Magic Mirror are introducing new ways for retailers to make their products available. This creates a hassle-free way for both consumers and retailers when customers can shop through a smart mirror. Much like the kiosks you see in airports and restaurants, smart mirrors will make shopping much easier. Below we break down how these Magic mirrors make shopping easier. 


Quick product purchase 

Most brands have hundreds of products. With smart mirrors, you can shop with specific SKU to fund what you are looking for quickly. 

Additionally, you don’t have to wait in line to try things in a changing room. You choose amd try out what you want to buy through AR within the smart mirror. 

A germ-free purchase 

In conventional retail stores, a lot of clothing items are being tried on by different customers, and some are often left with makeup stains around the neck. With smart mirrors you can have a germ-free purchase. 


Accurate measurements 

With smart mirrors, you can have clothing that is in accordance with your exact measurements. This way you won’t have to spend time returning or exchanging clothing items. 


Future developments 

Smart mirrors keep tabs on what you buy and gather data regarding your preferences. This helps the brands create products that you like and save time and money on manufacturing products that won’t sell. 


What is the underlying technology in smart mirrors?


The silver mirrors originated over 200 years ago in Germany and still serve a great purpose in reflecting our image to us. However,  it seems that just looking at your image will no longer be enough. Some experts have figured out how to use technology to help a simple mirror serve you better. This has been only made possible due to the advancements in augmented reality, gesture recognition, and artificial intelligence.

Most smart mirrors can seamlessly adjust your image to clothes, makeup, and even jewelry to give you an augmented reflection so you chose your products better. So how does the smart mirror do that?

A smart mirror is a two-way mirror with an electronic display tucked behind away from the user. This electronic display equips the mirror to show different widgets including time and date, weather, and news updates. High-end commercial magic mirrors including iMirror bring online commerce into action by providing an immersive shopping experience that allows you to experience tailored services. Apart from retail, iMirror technology can also be used at homes, integrated with your social media. You can talk to your mirror just like Maleficent while brushing your teeth or combing your hair. 

The mirror will have built-in voice recognition and will respond to your requests. All of the smart mirrors currently use a mix of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Here are the three companies that are taking smart mirror technology to the next level.


Avant-Garde Fitting System

Image / Avant-Garde Fitting System


Avant-Garde Fitting System delivers a highly immersive virtual fitting experience for consumers like you and I. Although it is not a consumer smart mirror, it will still help you when you are looking to buy clothes online or in a retail store. 

The AFS system utilizes body imaging and 3D visualization to show how your chosen items would look on you. This will not only save time but also help you eliminate the hassle of trying on clothes in fitting rooms.


Detego smart fitting room

Image / Detego


Detego smart mirror uses integrated sensors to identify the clothing items you bring into the room to try on. After identifying, it shows what colors and sizes are available in the store, or an online shop, or other stores. You will receive recommendations about clothing articles based on your preferences. 


Image / Detego


You can select articles and ask for sales assistance to bring the selected articles into the fitting room via the call-for-assistance feature.


H&M smart mirror

Image / H&M


H&M is doing more than just collaborating with designers like Simone Rocha for augmented reality projects. The company launched its very own smart mirror in one of its flagship stores in New York to give customers a unique shopping experience. 

Designed by Visual Art and Ombori and Microsoft, the smart mirror offers facial recognition and voice commands. You can use voice commands to ask the mirror to take selfies which can be then virtually integrated with the company’s catalog. You also have the option to download your images to your phone via QR codes. Additionally, the mirror gives you shopping tips and outfit suggestions.

Smart mirror technology will likely improve in the coming years. This will not only save you time but also prove useful in situations like the ongoing pandemic. There are already tons of apps by renowned brands like ZARA and Burberry that allow you to shop for their products through augmented reality. Check out more AR shopping apps here.

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