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Augmented reality in fashion is becoming a reality after Covid. In the past few years, a plethora of fashion tech apps have surfaced allowing fashion consumers to find the right products without going through the hassle of looking from store to store while reducing the chances of returns. These AR apps can not only be convenient but cost-effective for avid shoppers. If you are a shopper, here are 5 fashion tech apps that you need to try.


Try multi-brand designer clothes in a virtual boutique with Machine-A’s APP

Source / Machine-A


Machine-A, a London-based retailer, has joined forces with The Institute of Digital Fashion to create a virtual boutique. Although created to promote the London fashion week designer clothes, the idea could become the future of retail. 

The application requires users to scan a QR code to see Autumn/Winter 2021 collections from the Fashion Week. You can view upcoming collections, unfinished designs, and even see personal messages from the designers regarding their inspiration for the collections. 


Watch supermodels come to life with ZARA’s augmented reality fashion tech clothing app

Source / Zara



Watch the models Lea Julian and Fran Summers interacting with you through your phone with Zara’s one-of-a-kind AR app. When the pandemic hit, ZARA was one of the many fashion retailers to experience a depletion of sales. Thanks to their AR, the company can restore its sales, and you can never miss out on the latest ZARA fashion trends.  

All you have to do is download the ZARA AR app from Google Play or iTunes and point it to the empty ZARA store window next time you walk past it. If the store window isn’t accessible, you can use the app to watch the aforementioned virtual models come to life at an in-store podium, ZARA boxes, and via dedicated images at ZARA’s website ( 

The app will bring the two models to life for a 12-second sequence where the models show the latest ZARA Studio collection. All the looks shown by the models can be purchased with a single touch of a button.


Experience accessories with Burberry’s AR project partnered with Google

Source / Burberry


Burberry’s new AR app allows tech-savvy shoppers to try the company’s designs before they are purchased. The app uses Google search technology to offer an immersive retail experience. Now when you shop for a Burberry handbag, you can watch it in 3D on your phone to see if it goes well with your wardrobe.

The app magnifies the products to a life-size object so you can see how they would look in your environment. According to Burberry’s press release, the inspiration phase before the purchase decision is extremely important. With life-size product images, you can get inspired by how the product feels in your environment and hence make better style choices. Currently, the app is only available in the UK and US.


Try on your new shoes before you buy them with the Wanna kicks try-on footwear 

Source / Wannaby


Who needs to go to a shoe store anymore when we have fashion tech apps to try on everything at home. Next, on our list are footwear brands offering virtual try-ons. 

Not a fan of trying new shoes at a store? Wanna Kicks offers try-on footwear in AR to help you choose your Kicks from a plethora of designs. Simply download the app, select a 3D model, and point your camera at your feet. And eureka! You will see your feet in your new virtual kicks. 

Gucci recently digitalized its catalogue by integrating Wanna SDK into its Gucci app. You can try Gucci’s signature sneakers through its virtual app. Gucci has also launched a virtual garage that allows you to design your own Gucci shoes!  


See outfits in real-life with GAP’s AR app

Source / Gap


If you are a bit germaphobe, you can take a deep sigh of relief because with GAP’s AR app you may never have to try out clothes in a shop ever!

 The fashion giant GAP has introduced a unique virtual dressing room with its augmented reality app. The app allows you to enter your height and size information and a 3D model will try out the outfit for you to give you an idea about how it will fit on you.

Once you are certain that the style and design go with your preferences, you can buy the clothes from GAP’s online store or directly from the augmented reality app.  

Have you tried any of these fashion tech apps yet? Let us know your thoughts about augmented reality apps in the comment section below.


Interact with the products with the Shopify AR app

Source / Shopify


Shopify stores have gained momentum in the past few years. If you purchase from any of the small and large retailers or businesses on Shopify, you have to get the Shopify AR app. The app allows you to view products in an augmented way so you can have a better sense of the features. The products become interactive and realistic for consumers, which can help you make better design and style choices. 

Although this application is still in its infancy, it will become widespread in the future. Currently, customers using the Safari browser (iOS 12) can view augmented products through this cutting-edge app tech.

Have you tried any of these fashion tech apps yet? Let us know.

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This post was last updated on 12, September 2021. 

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