June 9, 2021
      Image / Adidas

      Adidas and Allbirds Want to Make Sure Your Sneakers Don’t Pollute

      Adidas and Allbirds have come together to incorporate sustainability standards in their production processes by introducing the first sustainable sneaker. The shoes reportedly have a 5kg less carbon footprint than regular sneakers. Learn more in this post.
      June 7, 2021

      LFX Launches UNIFi3D – A 3D-as-a-service to Accelerate Digital Transformation For Retail 

      LFX bridges the gap between traditional and digital manufacturing by offering its 3D technological expertise in digital product development. With this initiative, the company would help brands accelerate their growth in digital product manufacturing and respond to the trends faster.
      June 5, 2021

      Ralph Lauren has Created the World’s First Scalable Zero-Waste Cotton Dyeing System

      Ralph Lauren's new Color on Demand system promises to improve sustainability by using fewer chemicals and resources during the cotton dyeing process. We explore the intricate details of the technology and the company's future goals in this article.