December 14, 2021

      Nike Acquires RTFKT. Is Nike Metaverse Ready?

      Nike acquires NFT collectibles startups, RTFKT to create a Nike metaverse that will feature the company's own virtual sneakers and apparel. Does this mean virtual goods are here to stay?
      December 4, 2021
      EBIT's Metaverse

      EBIT’s Metaverse, YELLOW TRIP ROAD, Creates Metacommerce For Mental Health Awareness

      EBIT’s Metaverse, YELLOW TRIP ROAD, brings a unique, multi-sensory, XR experience to raise mental health awareness and launch the company’s first virtual fashion line. Check out the details of the experience and its NFTs.
      December 3, 2021
      Lululemon Peloton Lawsuit

      An Open Letter To Peloton: Four Ways To Innovate For The Future

      Lululemon has sued Peloton over its use of six design patents that are one of the best-selling Lululemon products. We have prepared some suggestions for Peloton to avoid future lawsuits like this.
      November 26, 2021

      16 Sustainable Fashion And Wellness-Tech Holiday Deals To Snag In 2021

      Elevate your fashion and wellness game with our comprehensive list of holiday deals. Get the fitness tracker that you have set your eyes on all year or the new vegan hoodie that has been living in your head rent-free.
      November 25, 2021

      Adidas’ Partnership With Coinbase And The Sandbox Hints At Crypto Payments And Adidas Metaverse

      Adidas is planning its own Adidas metaverse called the Adiverse in partnership with the crypto wallet, Coinbase; and the virtual Metaverse project, The Sandbox. We look into what this could mean for the future.
      November 19, 2021

      Maisie Williams Designed Coperni’s New Bag Collection Made Of Apple Leather

      Coperni is launching a sustainable handbag collection in collaboration with Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams. Discover the handbags and learn where to find them.
      November 18, 2021

      H&M Is Targeting The Wearable Tech Industry With Smart Clothing

      H&M smart clothing initiative seeks to create clothes that could monitor heart rate or offer consumers health analytics.
      November 12, 2021

      New AR Wardrobe Platform By Zero10 App

      Are you a digital content creator? Zero10 app has some really cool new outfits that you can try for your next social media content campaign. Try digital outfits within the app and save them in the app’s built-in wardrobe. And if you like your selection, share it with the world!