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Unveiled at CES 2023, the CAKE e-utility bike promises a 223-mile range, automatic shifting, and a gross vehicle rating of 441 lbs. 

CAKE was launched in 2016 to create high-efficiency, lightweight bikes with zero emissions. And it seems the company is staying true to its vision. Recently, the company unveiled CAKE e-utility bike, Åik (pronounced oiyk), an electric bike with pedals designed for optimal efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. 

The CAKE e-utility bike could usher in a period of increased sustainability 

With CAKE Åik, you can expect a two-wheeler, heavy-hauling utility vehicle with capabilities for a highly modular work platform. CAKE’s utility-focused and design-centric platform pairs the benefits of a lightweight electric motorcycle with a utility e-bike.

According to the company’s press release: “The newest member of the ‘work’ family blurs the lines between lightweight electric motorcycle and utility e-bike. For those who typically rely on motorized transportation, it opens up networks of bike lanes and paths that are off-limits to motorcycles and cars. It’s also indisputably easier to find a spot to park a bicycle than it is a motor vehicle.”

Here’s what we love about the CAKE e-utility bike:

  1. It is designed for work professionals, such as couriers, who require a heavy-duty work vehicle to deliver heavy loads. 
  2. The bike’s aluminum frame is ultra-modular and can fit  accessories. 
  3. With an impressive gross vehicle rating of 441 lbs, the CAKE e-utility bike promises heavy hauling. 
  4. Without the bike and battery weight, it still gives you 363 lbs of cargo capacity. You have enough weight capacity to carry a couple of spare 12-pound batteries.
  5. A single Åik battery offers up to 74.5 miles range. You can have up to three batteries at a time. The 750Wh batteries can also act as power banks to charge electronic tools, equipment, and other devices. 
  6. You can choose to ride on both pedal and throttle assist. If you choose the latter, you can hit up to 20 miles per hour without lifting a foot. 
  7. The bike offers  connectivity features such as GPS, Bluetooth, and GSM connection that are compatible with the CAKE app and the CAKE fleet management app. Additionally, you can have external API integrations. There’s also a USB-C charging port to keep your electronics charged while you ride. 
  8. And the icing on the cake, it is categorized as class 2 and therefore requires no license or insurance! This means that you can now enjoy bike-riding networks, lanes, and parking options without worrying about legal scrutiny.

CAKE Åik is priced at $6,470, while a single extra battery costs around $780. The bike would be available on selected third-party retailers and the company’s website. The first batch of vehicles will ship out in May 2023. 

More from CAKE

The company’s full range of vehicles includes:

Makka: Electric moped with category-leading performance 

Kalk: High-performance off-roaders 

Ösa: Powerful utility bikes 

Åik: The utility choice for demanding professionals.

Bukk: Limited edition, unlimited riding possibilities 

Additionally, the company offers juvenile bikes and concept vehicles. 

The future with CAKE 

CAKE is a Swedish Electric Motorcycle company launched in 2016 to design zero-emission electric bikes and other EVs. In 2018, the company introduced an award-winning electric motorcycle, Kalk, to give off-road travelers a light, clean, and sturdy option to tackle the dips and bumps of rough terrains. This year, the company launched its first two-wheeler, utility-driven e-bike, Åik, at CES for working professionals, daily commuters, and fleet managers, including professionals working in courier, delivery, and farming businesses.

Over the years, CAKE has proven to be much more than just a bike company; the company has both sustainability and humanitarian initiatives that are commendable. Recently, CAKE closed phase one of its anti-poaching initiative (with the Southern African Wildlife College – the Electric Push Bike Anti Poaching Act) that gave rangers in Africa silent electric bikes to combat illegal attacks on wild animals. The company aims to continue its innovations to support sustainability and humanitarian causes. 

For CAKE rentals, demos, and sales, please check here.

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.