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H&M’s new vegan collection ‘Co-Exist Story’ is available in both physical form and as virtual vegan fashion in Animal Crossing. 

With Facebook becoming Meta and brands launching digital fashion and NFTs, the transition from the physical to the digital world seems supersonic. While other fashion brands are eyeing the profits with digital fashion, H&M aims to do something different. Previously the company had a successful launch of H&M Looop Island on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, New Horizons. Now the company has a brand new vegan collection. 

About H&M’s New Vegan Collection

In alignment with its sustainability goals, H&M has launched the third installment of its sustainability initiative, ‘Co-Exist Story’, designed from alternative materials, fabrics, and processes.

The collection draws its inspiration from 90s outdoor and party-wear styles. And instead of using conventional animal-derived products like fur and down, it features sustainable fabrics like FLWRDWN, which is an alternative to animal down; and VEGEA, which is an alternative to animal-derived leather. Some pieces in the collection are also designed from recycled polyester and nylon. H&M’s commonly sourced materials include cotton, recycled Polyamide, Lyocell, organic linen and silk, FSC natural rubber and recycled wood, recycled glass, and plastic, recycled down, fur, feathers, and organic Jute. 

Read the company’s materials ethics policy here

The previous installments in H&M’s sustainability initiative include the Science Story‘ and the Colour Story‘. They focused on using more sustainable materials, processes, and environmentally friendly methods to work with fabric colors. The ‘Co-exist’ installment focuses on using 100% alternative materials that are PETA-approved. 

‘Co-exist’ Collection also includes vegan make-up that, too, is 100% PETA-approved. The make-up includes an eyeliner pack and two lipsticks.

The collection features kidswear, womenswear, and menswear. You can shop for the new collection at However, that’s not only way you can wear H&M’s new collection. The company has launched its collection as virtual fashion within Animal Crossing. 

The eleven pieces from the collection have been recreated for the Animal Crossing in-game virtual fashion show. You will find a neon-green vibrant chain-link scarf that is sure to make heads turn, a one-size puffer jacket, an orange mini dress, H&M slogan sweatshirt, and a vegan leather sleeveless blazer.

These virtual clothing items are part of H&M’s in-game update for Looop Island, transforming it into a vegan-friendly place for gamers. This comes as a result of company’s commitment towards circular economy and sustainability. Pascal Brun, the global sustainability manager at H&M has described this initiative as a pioneering new way to engage customers with the company’s sustainability initiatives. In his own words, “Hosting our own fashion show in Animal Crossing to showcase our vegan “Co-Exist Story” collection is the logical next step to our Looop Island concept, which was conceived to encourage our customers to reuse, remake and recycle unwanted garments.”

The virtual H&M vegan collection will be accessible through a Dream code, where you can see the catwalk show and purchase and download clothing at the Able Sisters Shop.


The update in Looop Island will reflect a vegan-friendly environment with a ban on fishing and hunting. The new update will also feature a new vegan restaurant, a wildflower meadow, and a completely reconfigured animal sanctuary representing H&M’s values as a vegan brand. The update features animals that were not harmed during the making of H&M’s ‘Co-Exist Story’, including cows, ducks, and geese.

Access H&M’s new vegan collection in Animal Crossing today with the Dream code: DA-3314-6895-7902

Can Virtual Vegan Fashion Make Any Difference?

While having vegan clothing within a game may not make much difference in the physical world, it is a great way to generate awareness. Partnering with influencers like Maisie Williams is a great way to draw attention towards a serious cause. 

Our minds are conditioned to believe in certain practices that have become a nomal part of our life. It’s not easy to eradicate those practices without deliberate action and consistent effort. H&M vegan collection is a persistent effort towards eliminating century-old practices that not only harm other species but pollute our environment and subsequently push our planet towards premature aging.

So by adding a virtual vegan line within a famous game, H&M is making sure that younger people are getting the education and awareness they need to make sustainable choices.

Would it work? 

Digital fashion has already garnered much-needed attention. Based on its astronomical hike in the past year, it is safe to conclude that virtual vegan fashion will thrive. 

The following brands, too, are participating in creating a greener future through sustainability initiatives:

Tom Ford Innovation Prize aims to reduce plastic in fashion

Rens NOMAD creates coffee sneakers to help reduce environmental waste

AllBirds created a sustainable activewear line

Lululemon introduces its first Mushroom leather capsule collection

How are you contributing to sustainability? Tell us about the vegan brands you choose in the comments below.



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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.