Central Saint Martins in London is renowned for its boundary-pushing creatives in the world of art and design. Their highly anticipated Graduate Showcase last week served as a powerful manifesto for the future, redefining the harmony between art, design, and nature. Get ready to be captivated by a selection of projects that defy expectations, pushing the boundaries of possibility and revolutionizing innovation itself.

The visionary students of MA Biodesign, MA Material Futures and BA Industrial and Product Design left a permanent mark with their avant-garde projects. Ever wondered how to utilise invasive plants, fish waste, or even hair waste? Intrigued by the idea of crafting bioplastics in the comfort of your own home? Envisioned a future where trainers can be grown using bacteria? Did you know that brewery waste can be a valuable energy source? These innovative students ventured into unexplored territories, unlocking the potential of unconventional materials and techniques to redefine the limits of design and going beyond sustainability.

In the realm of fashion, the Bio-Invasive Library, a project by a student of MA Biodesign, revolutionised the industry by transforming invasive plants into fur-like textiles. By using these plants as raw materials for fibers and dyes, the student presented a truly sustainable alternative, challenging traditional practices and offering an innovative solution for fashion designers.

Another remarkable project from MA Biodesign, Bycatch, tackled the pressing issue of fish waste and microplastics in our oceans. The student turned marine-derived collagen into contact lenses, addressing environmental concerns while paving the way for sustainable and innovative solutions in the realm of eye care.

MA Material Futures student showcased Bio Prosthesis, utilizing human hair waste to create custom-made prostheses for individuals recovering from breast cancer. This project not only repurposed a valuable resource but also fostered empowerment and confidence through personalized design.

The BA Industrial and Product Design students presented several ground-breaking projects, including the RE-Materia. This DIY kit empowers individuals to create bioplastic packaging from household fruit and vegetable peel waste, reducing reliance on harmful materials and promoting sustainable practices that can be done from the comfort of your own house.

Another student gown a bio-fabricated trainers by using bacteria, yeast, and natural enzymes. This unique venture, Trainer Collaboration Between Human & Nature, showcased the harmonious relationship between human creativity and the intelligence of the natural world, paving the way for a future lab-grown fashion.

Lastly, the energy project made from brewed waste demonstrated the student’s dedication to finding innovative solutions to environmental challenges. By harnessing the novel potential of waste materials, the Energy Futures Testament project showcased how resourcefulness and creativity can lead to sustainable energy solutions for pubs and bars during the energy crisis.

The Central Saint Martins Graduate Showcase was a testament to the incredible talent and innovative thinking fostered by the institution. The projects presented by students demonstrated the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and highlighted the potential for creative solutions to real-world problems.

The showcased projects pushed the boundaries of what is possible and served as a reminder of the transformative impact that art and design can have on society. As we reflect on the remarkable innovations witnessed at this event, we can’t help but feel inspired by the students’ imagination and dedication to creating a better, more sustainable world and forge a future where art, design, and nature harmoniously coexist.



Contributor @ Hybrid Rituals, Aleksandra Piotrowska is a student at Central Saint Martins who is focused on driving innovation within the fashion industry and fostering regeneration as an alternative to the greenwashed concept of sustainability. Follow Aleksandra on IG: @aleksandra.pio