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Every year, over 6 million tons of brewed coffee grounds are thrown out [source], while over 60 million plastic water bottles are sent to the trash cans in the US alone [source]. On top of that, 91% of the total plastic waste remains non-recyclable [source]. That adds to the land and environmental pollution, but luckily brands like Rens Original have a plan with Rens NOMAD coffee sneakers. 

The project raised a whopping $357,324 on its Kickstarter campaign by 2,592 backers. The pledged amount was $19,000.

If you haven’t heard already, Rens Original is launching a coffee sneaker that is made out of, you guessed it, coffee. The new sneakers, which have raised over $300k from crowdfunding are now available for pre-order. According to the company’s website, the new shoes are highly durable, breathable, water/splash-proof, and 100% vegan.

The company previously launched, Rens 1.0, the original coffee sneaker. The new shoes pair company’s signature sustainable coffee material with a 100% water-resistance feature to give you feature-packed sneakers that do more for you.

What’s So Different About The Rens NOMAD Coffee Sneakers?

Image / @Rens Original

Rens NOMAD Coffee Sneakers come with several new innovations:

  • AquaScreen™ 3.0 technology that makes the shoes breathable and lightweight.
  • SkyStep™ Performance Midsole maintains breathability and ventilation while keeping the shoes completely waterproof. The system allows for specially engineered pathways to eradicate hot air with every downstep, and draw in the cool air on the way up. This keeps your feet cool during hot athletic sessions.
  • The shoelaces are 100% recycled plastic material. 
  • Full-traction COMBOGRIP™ rubber outsole offers multi-directional traction plates that allow for a strong grip on any surface with full cushioning and flex.
  • Removable Performance Insole comes with dual-density memory foam for extreme support and balance.
  • The stability system includes the medial and lateral logo and external heel counter to provide support for hard-core athletic activities.
  • Premium Shock Absorption System includes a low-density, lightweight responsive cushioning for high-impact athletics activities.
  • Slip-Sock Upper makes it easy to slip into the shoes while Ren’s DNA pattern tightly holds your foot in one place during athletic activities.

In addition, the Ren NOMAD Coffee sneakers are travel-friendly, lightweight, flexible, comfy, unisex, and hand-washable.

How Do They Make The Sneakers Out Of Coffee?

Image / @Rens Original

Rens shoes are made from coffee grounds paired with recycled polyester derived from plastic waste. Each pair of Rens NOMAD Coffee shoes is made of 21 cups of used coffee grounds and plastic equivalent to 6 plastic bottles.

Apart from using these 100% sustainable materials, Rens NOMAD has partnered with ClimatePartner to make its entire production system climate-neutral. ClimatePartner ensures that all the gas emissions of a product will be carefully monitored, calculated, reduced, or offset through carbon offsetting projects.   

You can pre-order Rens NOMAD coffee sneakers here, and do your part in conserving the environment. Choose from 9 striking colors: Midnight Black, Skywave Blue, Red Rush, Smoke Grey, Varsity Black, White Snow, Onyx, Jade, and Pearl. 

Image /@ Rens Original

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.