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Ostloong Innovations launches Sirius smart ski goggles for an AR/AI-powered multidimensional skiing experience with smart display, Bluetooth connectivity, augmented reality, and much more. 

Have you ever cut yourself while picking up ski gear without gloves? Many skiers take off their gloves and then forget to put them back on, which can lead to painful cuts. Bruises and cuts are just some of the perils that skiers have to endure on a ski trip. Cold fingers, ski injuries, and the possibility of getting lost in the mountains can jeopardize the fun you set out to have in the snow. With Sirius smart ski goggles, you can get the most out of snow sports without worrying about the little hassles that come with it. 

Sirius smart ski goggles are the first OUTDOOR AR™ technology to offer a multidimensional ski experience 

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Sirius ski goggles are an innovation of a Swiss startup, Ostloong Innovations, a group of world-class engineers, sports experts, and tech professionals driven to revolutionize snow sports via artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 

According to Amber Gao, CEO of Ostloong Innovations: “This is a huge yet outdated market, which would benefit from the integration of new technologies to revolutionize the world of snow sports and adapt it to a new generation of skiers who are adept at using smartphones and social networks.” 

How smart ski goggles are more than the ordinary ski goggles 

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The goggles are designed to help you control movements, communication, and location. 

The high-performance, all-weather goggles eliminate most of the hassles that come with mountaineering and skiing via Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use mobile data without taking your gloves off. The side buttons allow for easy navigation while the screen displays crucial information such as lift schedules, wind strength, and the location of loved ones. 

Moreover, the goggles make it easy to capture your experience via HD photos and videos while skiing down a slope without additional gear. As a result, there’s a lesser risk of injuries or losing communication with loved ones.  

Where to find Sirius ski goggles?

Starting February 2023, the smart goggles (standard and pro models) will be available online with international shipping. Here’s what you get with a pair of Sirius ski goggles:

  1. Weather-resistant ski goggles that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 
  2. SOS button in case of emergencies.
  3. HD camera for photos and videos. 
  4. AR display that offers information like altitude, wind, location, lift speeds, and schedules (only in the pro model).
  5. Algorithms and analysis to place virtual posts (slalom posts) outside. 
  6. Enhanced safety with identified danger zones. 

Dimitri Charrière, former Professional Freestyle Skier and COO of Ostloong Innovations, describes the new goggles as: “a multi-dimensional and immersive experience that gives the wearer a new way of orienting oneself, moving and communicating in the open air”. 

Both standard and pro models are priced at around 600 to 1,000 CHF. 

About Ostloong Innovations 

Founded in 2022 by Amber Gao, Ostloong Innovations is a Swiss technology startup based in Meilin. Sirius smart goggles are the company’s first innovation featuring its proprietary OUTDOOR AR technology that would extend to the company’s other future innovations related to outdoor sports. Sirius smart ski goggles were selected for the Swiss Tech Pavilion at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. 

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