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Having trouble sleeping lately? Google has the solution. A restful night of sleep can do wonders for your health. But if you haven’t been able to catch those necessary Zs, Google’s going to help you with an innovative solution that quietly monitors your breathing, snoring, and movement while you sleep.  Google now offers sleep tracking as a part of its smart home products catalog. The new wellness tech product aims to make your bedroom a better place to sleep.

Google Nest is Google’s smart home brand that offers smart products including smart speakers, streaming devices, displays, smoke detectors, routers, thermostats, and smart security system that includes doorbells, smart locks, and cameras. The brand aims to help consumers find everyday products under one umbrella. With the new sleep sensing capabilities, the company seems to add to its growing catalog of smart home products. 

What Does The Google Nest Do?

Personalized Recommendations For Better Sleep Quality

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Sleep tracking comes as an added feature to Google’s second-generation Nest-Hub smart display. The feature allows you to monitor your movements and breathing if you are sleeping next to the display. It doesn’t require you to wear any device in bed nor requires a camera. 

During the night, the system will automatically detect disturbances. Snoring, coughing, temperature, and light changes are recorded using a built-in microphone and temperature-light sensors. The system will learn about your sleep patterns Over time will give you personalized recommendations so you can improve the quality of your sleep. 

The Design And Development Of Google Nest 

The hub features some new enhancements including a louder speaker, a faster processor, and a new and improved design. The 7-inch touch screen LCD offers 1024 * 600-pixel clarity with ambient brightness and enhanced color adjustments. The hub comes with an on-device machine learning chip that will quickly process your commands and sleep data to offer personalized sleep-improving recommendations.

The sleep tracking feature uses Soli technology that measures and records your breathing and movement throughout the night. Soil is also used in the Nest’s thermostats. The system does not evaluate your sleep cycle patterns such as deep, REM, or light at the moment, but it may in the future.


Source / Google

The system will monitor everything from your breathing to the number of times you got out of bed. And based on this information, will determine the overall quality of your sleep and restlessness. The device gives you a general restfulness score by measuring the times you go to bed, wake up, and have disruptions during sleep. You can view your sleep data by either using voice command or on your Google Fit app. 

Google used polysomnography, which is a clinical sleep study, to test Nest’s ability to accurately measure the sleep patterns. According to Logan Schneider, a sleep researcher and consultant for the project, polysomnography is the gold standard that is used in the clinical community. 

The Nest hub also measures the ambiance and brightness of the room through sensors to give you a comprehensive outlook on what could be affecting your sleep. Other sleep trackers, including smart wears like wristbands, do not give detailed data regarding those metrics, which makes Nest hub a unique tool for elevated wellness and improved health. 

The movement data collected through the sensors is displayed through spectrograms, which show the intensity of the body’s movement during sleep.

Google Nest hub offers greater advantages over smart wear trackers as you don’t have to go through any hassle of wearing a gadget to monitor your sleep. 

Is Google Nest private?

The idea of an internet-connected thermostat was pioneered by Nest, which was acquired by Google for 3.4 billion dollars in 2014. The Nest was unable to regain its momentum with other similar products as it continuously dealt with privacy issues. 

Google has addressed the privacy concerns of the new sleep tracking features. The system uses Soli, a low-energy radar technology to track data. But the tracking feature can be disabled. The company presses that the health data gathered through Soli will be processed on the Nest’s hub device rather than being processed at Google. 

No information from the tracker will be sent to Google. The system comes with a hardware switch that can be turned off when you want. Additionally, you can delete previous records from the device. Google pledges to not use your sleep data for any personalized ads. 

How do I make my Google Nest private?

To change your privacy settings on Google Nest:

  1. Open your Google Home app
  2. Select Wi-Fi and then settings
  3. Select Privacy settings
  4. Toggle On or Off to change the settings.

Does Google Nest Listen To Your Conversations?

No. Google Nest will only hear your conversations when you activate it with voice commands like “hey Google”. The questions you ask are stored in the cloud. Apart from that Google Nest does not record o sore any conversations.

What The Nest’s Sleep Tracker Can And Can’t Do? 

It is a health-tracking device but not a medical one. It will not diagnose any sleep-related health conditions and will only act as a health tracker. But according to Ashton Udall, there is a very bright future for this feature as most coughing and snoring could indicate an underlying medical condition. 

Google has partnered with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to offer users a better guide to improving sleep through the Google Fit smartphone app. 

The hub could play a key role in helping you invest in elevated wellness and longevity. It would give you guidelines regarding when to sleep or go to the bed at the same time every night, and help you understand how to improve the quality of your sleep. 

Is Google Nest Free To Use?

The new Nest hub can be bought for $99.99 in four different colors including a new “mist” blue. 

What Is The Difference Between Google Home And Google Nest?

Google Nest was previously Google Home. Under the Nest brand, all devices offer voice commands, sleep tracking, and a plethora of other features as mentioned above.

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