September 2, 2021

      Vans Launches A Metaverse Skatepark Experience With Roblox

      Vans is launching a Roblox skatepark experience to help you enjoy skateboarding differently. Known as the “Vans World'', the game will offer a shop for your customized skateboard and give you an option to buy Vans gear.
      September 20, 2021

      Crypto Fashion Week 2021 Hosted Its Inaugural Meta Gala Featuring A Rare NFT Auction

      Crypto Fashion Week 2021 offers a rare NFT auction as a part of its inaugural Met Gala. Learn what designers and fashion houses participated in the event.  
      October 29, 2021
      Facebook Meta

      Facebook Becomes Meta, Introducing A Mixed Reality Lifestyle For Everyone

      On Thursday, Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the new name, logo, and vision for the company. Facebook will no longer be defined as a social media company but a metaverse company incorporating AR, VR, and boundless elements of technology that would essentially reshape how we connect.
      December 4, 2021
      EBIT's Metaverse

      EBIT’s Metaverse, YELLOW TRIP ROAD, Creates Metacommerce For Mental Health Awareness

      EBIT’s Metaverse, YELLOW TRIP ROAD, brings a unique, multi-sensory, XR experience to raise mental health awareness and launch the company’s first virtual fashion line. Check out the details of the experience and its NFTs.
      December 14, 2021

      Nike Acquires RTFKT. Is Nike Metaverse Ready?

      Nike acquires NFT collectibles startups, RTFKT to create a Nike metaverse that will feature the company's own virtual sneakers and apparel. Does this mean virtual goods are here to stay?