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We are racing towards the future where technology, art, and fashion will merge to help humans redefine their sense of individuality. Crypto Fashion Week is a monumental pillar in constructing that future and helping us embrace the transition from conventionalism to futurism. Crypto Fashion Week 2021 hosted its inaugural Meta Gala that featured a rare 1 of 1 NFT auction with celebrity avatars, exclusive wearables, and virtual influencers like Lil Miquela.


CFW’s metaverse took its inspiration from the Met Gala and its tradition of presenting in an auction form. The Meta Gala is a virtual alternative to the Met Gala and sought to raise funds for the new designs that support the creative vision of fashion technologists working with NFTs. The Meta Gala experience and its auction were opened on September 17, 11:11 AM EST. 

Crypto Fashion Week 2021 featured some of the most prominent fashion houses around the world, dressing avatars in exclusive, limited edition outfits that headlined the auction. A percentage of the funds raised through the auction will go into supporting the digital fashion designers fund.

This year’s theme for the Meta Gala was “As Above, So Below”, which represents the fluidity of virtual reality where human identity can be constructed and deconstructed.

The event started off with a limited edition Karl Lagerfeld collectible NFT in the form of a digital figurine. The first NFT will be available as an edition of 777, while you can get the second as an exclusive Chrome version available as an edition of 77. The exclusive drop is available for purchase at The Dematerialised, which is a LUKSO blockchain-powered Web3 authenticated virtual goods marketplace.

Crypto Fashion Week 2021 included presentations from various fashion creators. Fabricant introduced its co-creation studio which enables 3D collaborations that can be made available as NFTs on the company’s marketplace. Kadine James showcased a new look in collaboration with a new emerging designer, Ivan Svanberg, who also dressed the avatar Kaydeen.

Rebeca Minkoff commemorated her “I Love New York” with an NFT drop. Mimi Choi, a celebrated makeup artist, had an exclusive look for the Meta Gala with an AR filter, which is available as a limited edition NFT giveaway.

The Meta Gala was concluded with an after-party that featured Panther Modern x Reggie Watts.

All The outfits modelled during the event were available for purchase through the 1 of 1 NFTs auction. Check out some of the looks below.

Images /@CFW

What are your favorite looks from the show? Do you think you’ll invest in them? Tell us in the comment section below.



Hybrid Rituals

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.