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There are literally hundreds of apps in fashion for everything from digital clothes to makeup and everything in between. However, very few encompass the goodness of more than one app. Zero10 app is one such digital fashion app that you wouldn’t want to miss. The new fashion-tech app lets you try, buy, and store digital fashion all within its multi-functional iOS platform. 

Zero10 app: What Exactly Is It?


Zero10 app is an AR-enabled platform that allows you to interact with your favorite and upcoming designers, musicians, and artists through digital fashion. It is an iOS app where you can try digital clothes on your phone by using your phone’s camera without additional software or app service. If you have your heart set on a digital dress, the Zero10 app allows you to save your favorite digital designs in a digital wardrobe where you can access them to create social media content.

The app has its own digital collections that you can try virtually and share online without any special skills. All digital collections are designed in collaboration with renowned fashion brands, notable artists, and musicians to give you exclusive in-app drops that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Technology Behind The Zero10 App

One of the things that make the Zero10 app so unique is its ability to create realistic rendering and cloth simulation for a natural-looking garment with a life-like effect. So even if you are wearing a digital top, the onlookers won’t be able to tell the difference. Apart from creating realistic fabric simulation, the Zero10 app’s technology utilizes advanced 3D body segmentation and tracking that allow the digital garment to perfectly fit your body in real-time.

The app features digital outfits from AV Vatten, ZNY, Ttswtrs, Kseniaschnaider, and Florentina Leitner. Digital outfits from other designers will be launched in the coming months with a price range between $1 to $20. 

Digital outfits by ZNY, and Ttswtrs

How Can I Use the Zero10 App?

You can use the Zero10 App in four steps:

  1. Explore

In the Explore section, find digital fashion collections that have been created in collaboration with renowned artists. Here you can find a plethora of collections to suit your style and taste.

  1. Try your selection

In the next session of the app, you can try the digital clothes in real-time with a single push of the button. Experiment with your looks here, see what looks good on you.

Zero10 app features
  1. Save your selection

In the Save section, you can save your selection in the app’s built-in wardrobe and access it later to create content.

  1. Share your selection

Share your selection with the rest of the world. You can use the digital fashion found in the app to take fresh photos to share on your social media accounts without having to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes.

Zero10 app features

The great thing about this app is that you can use advanced AR technology without having to spend any money! The app is free to use on iPhone.

Why Do I Need To Try Zero10 App?

If you are a social media content creator who’s always creating unique content then you need to try the Zero10 app. Apart from the fact that it is completely free and you can have tons of fun with it, you can also access exclusive drops from renowned brands and artists for as low as $1!

How Do I Get The Zero10 App?

You can download the app from the Apple App store: Zero10 AR Fashion Platform.  

Who Are The People Behind The Zero10 App?

The Zero10 app team describes themselves as fashion tech innovators and tech-savvy creators who want to do something unique and special within fashion and build a community of like-minded individuals. 

Founder George Yashin describes this endeavour as, “between the traditions of the fashion industry and a new imagined one”. He intends to make this app a multifunctional platform that encompasses a digital fashion shop, a social media platform, and a research lab. According to Yashin, “We talked to many brands, and they only asked us one question: ‘What will this thing look like?’ So we knew we needed our own technology. We don’t use 2D textures; this isn’t like dropping a picture on top of a picture! The idea is to show people that they can own a product without it being physical. This could really help with overproduction, which we know is a huge problem.”

The Company’s goal is to blend the creativity and imagination of musicians, artists, and designers with the latest augmented reality technologies to facilitate content creation. The app is a platform for content creators to access affordable tools where they can unleash their creative potential to define self-expression. Young and talented like-minded artists and content creators can come together under the umbrella of Zero10 and share their vision with each other and the rest of the world.  

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.