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If you have been looking at ways to do something immersive to steer clear of worrisome thoughts, look no further. An exclusive game and sound technology merge to offer NFTs and virtual fashion to raise mental health awareness in EBIT’s Metaverse YELLOW TRIP ROAD.

While many fashion brands are using NFTs and virtual reality to launch collections for profitability, EBIT (Enjoy Being In Transition) has decided to use the Metaverse for good. Around 280 million people suffer from depression globally, so it makes sense to use the much-hyped Metaverse for mental health awareness.

The experience is powered by AnamXR and Unreal Engine in partnership with THE DEMATERIALISED, a virtual fashion NFT marketplace. The XR experience comes as a product of creative direction by Soo Joo Park and Dominic Laurelli.

Previously Louis Vuitton has created a similar experience through Louis The Game

What’s Inside EBIT’s Metaverse, The YELLOW TRIP ROAD ?

To access the multi-sensory experience, you need to head over to

Once you click Enter, you can navigate the highly engrossing environment using the navigation keys. The experience features a yellow road that leads you to an enchanted land where you’ll find beautiful black dogs, bobbing mushrooms, and a dense forest where you can easily get lost all while listening to a thumping bass therapy EBIT music mix [E007c] created by Johnny Jewel. The music is part of the EBIT™’s music mix trilogy [E007]. 

As you tread down the road, exploring, you’ll hear a voice accompanied by the beat saying, “I want to talk to you”.

Check out some of the images from the XR experience below:


EBIT’s official Instagram account defines the experience as “a sensory metaphor of life with depression and suicidal ideations.”

If you like what you see, there’s more. You can find EBIT’s first virtual fashion release that is only available as a limited edition (300 only). The experience features Bumper Jumpers [E016] representing safety in a world where safety feels scarce. You can find it as NFT via ‘DRIP10’ on the Lukso blockchain at THE DEMATERIALISED. With each edition, you’ll get a 3D bumper jumper (GLB), a 2D piece of digital art from the YELLOW TRIP ROAD, and an AR experience (Snapchat and USDZ).

The design credit for the Bumper Jumper goes to Mathew Mounsey-Wood, Dominic Laurelli, and OTS SrL. The physical versions of the jumper are made in Italy and are available through local dealers.

Experience EBIT™ is on till 15, December 12 p.m. EDT. If the design and the experience alone aren’t enough to entice you, know that 10% of all sales will be donated to American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

The overall experience is highly immersive, and there is a strong chance that you will get lost in the woods or drown in the ocean. You may even steer right into the sky and not know what to do next. This is not a game; there are no directions for or character changes. It’s just you going down a path. You could either get lost in the woods or keep on the road. Will this help people with depression or suicidal thoughts? That is not clear. But it is an experience that helps relax by offering something incredibly unique and engaging.

Would you like to try it? Let us know what you think about the YELLOW TRIP ROAD.

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.