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Portion, one of the world’s leading NFT auction houses powered by Palm NFT Studio and Ethereum, has announced Digital Fashion Month 2021 in partnership with The Fabricant and CADAF. Starting on October 7, the event will release NFT auctions by top digital artists along with exciting events to promote and celebrate digital fashion, its creators, and the future of digital fashion in the Metaverse.

What is Digital Fashion Month 2021?

The event aims to promote digital creators and artists who are at the forefront of digital fashion, redefining art and fashion in the modern world. The event will explore the possibilities of digital fashion in the metaverse.

Fashion has always been wearable art, but conventional fashion tools aren’t enough to help wearable art stand on its own. In the metaverse, fashion can take any size or form with imagination being the only limitation. The motivation behind Digital Fashion Month 2021 is to explore the unbounded extent of digital fashion and honor those who create it to support the digital fashion community.

The Digital Fashion Month will feature the following leading digital creators who are pioneers of digital fashion and wearable art: 

The Fabricant

The Fabricant is the world’s first digital-only fashion house that creates digital-only clothing that you can wear in gaming environments, in virtual worlds, or on social media. The Fabricant is a community of digital artists that blend 3D fashion design with visual effects animation to create innovative digital outfits for digital-fashion enthusiasts.

Alexey Severin

Alexey Severin is an Italy-based Russian digital artist known for 3D sculpture, animation, and AR/VR projects. You can find artist’s projects exhibited at New York and Paris Digital Art Month 2021, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2020, ARS Electronica 2021, and BAIFFF 2020. Severin’s AR work has been featured in publications like The Verge and Mashable.


Eugene Golovanchuk, known as Skeeva, is a self-taught digital 3D artist who works around dark, surreal themes with cyberpunk flare. His use of unique shapes, colors, and styles has led him to create his own unique imprint in the digital world. Skeeva recreates real-world outfits into digital creations for designer labels and has a client list that includes SpaceX and Adobe.

The Black Lab

Founded by Amin Farah, The Black Lab works with luxury Italian brands, helping designers reshape and redefine how digital art is made and consumed. Farah himself believes in continuous research and development to create 3D art for digital fashion.

John Wright

John Wright brings a different perspective to digital fashion through philosophy and spirituality. He defines himself as a stoic, a Buddhist, and a photographic artist. You can view his collections at The National Portrait Gallery in London.

Meggie Van Zwieten

Hailing from the Netherlands, Meggie Van Zwieten likes to work with illusory digital environments that raise awareness about important contemporary issues including sustainability and equality.


TechnologicalHippie likes to blend 2D/3D/XR/VR, and AR to create sustainability-driven digital fashion. He released his first digital fashion item, a sweater-like garment, in 2019 with the tagline: “Go Virtual, Go Green ”. Hailing from Mexico, this contemporary 3D artist wants to create more awareness about digital fashion and its contribution to sustainability.

Studio Willem Staple

Studio Willem Staple specializes in highly immersive storytelling experiences using CGI and similar technologies. The studio has a prestigious list of clients that include Vogue, HYPEBEAST, Adidas, and SabineMarcelis, to mention a few.

The other featured artists include:

  • Nes100pro
  • Simon Voelkl
  • Andy Rolfes
  • Virtual Rags
  • Catherine Rodriguez, aka “Catherine The Worst”
  • Romain Gauthier
  • Michelle Cortese
  • Soledad Gallardo (Burbush)
  • Anthony Rosati aka Thedholes
  • Hypertak
  • Karina Ochoa (INFINITO Project)
  • Filippo Ghisleri
  • Sara Petito
  • Ravi Guru Singh
  • Blanc De Blanc
  • BandanaBoi
  • Christian Whiticar
  • Domingo Beta
  • Vince Ubags
  • Lorena Bello
  • Lucas Guzman
  • Tabitha Swanson
  • Maison Taskin
  • Jonny Mehra
  • Bloo Woods
  • Luca Connelli
  • SoloGrafik
  • Shejtano
  • Cabadass
  • Vladyart
  • Oliver Ojeil
  • Bernatinmotion
  • Nino Accardi (accard1)


How To Buy NFTs During The Event

All the featured NFTs will be available for purchase as the event commences on October 7. You can find the NFTs under the website’s “Digital Fashion” category. Before you head over for purchase, make sure that you have an account with Metamask wallet (plugin) and are connected to your Portion account through it. Find the detailed instruction on how to buy NFTs with Portion here.   


The Technology Behind Portion

Portion relies on Blockchain Technology to empower artists and bring its artist-led marketplace to life. Portion is the only (open and curated) NFT marketplace that allows digital artists to receive 100% of their earnings without sacrificing much to the middlemen. In a conventional ‘middleman model’, artists only get to have 12% of the royalties whilst the majority of the revenue goes to the system.

The company uses its expertise in crypto and NFTs to empower creators by offering them 11% additional royalties (from secondary sales), 500 Portion Tokens on every mint, and 500 Portion tokens from every purchase on Portion.


The Digital Fashion Month Key Events & Dates

AR Experiences on 5th Ave NYC

Portion will be hosting an AR exhibit on Fifth Avenue for the entire Digital Fashion Month, showcasing AR-themed exhibits from the digital creators partaking in the show.

Image / @Portion

Digital Art Month, in conjunction with Digital Fashion Month, kicks off on October 1st and premieres sculptural site-specific and dynamic AR effects in New York City. Exhibits will be displayed on banners on the Fifth Avenue where you can scan the QR codes to view collectible AR NFTs on the company’s website and get access to special filters on Instagram. The event will feature artworks by The Fabricant and Alexey Severin.

Image /@Portion

The Fabricant will be launching its debut studio that seeks to build the “wardrobe of the metaverse”. Several digital artists are collaborating to create the debut collection and the limited edition NFTs. The collection’s iconic centerpiece will be the first AR NFT to be auctioned on Portion.

Image / @Portion

Apart from the exhibition, Portion will host several other events during Digital Fashion Month 2021 that will include Twitter Spaces Panels, educational seminars, artist features, behind-the-scenes livestreams, and parties in the metaverse. The company will also host its gallery opening party in Portion Museum, Decentraland on October 7th. You can expect exclusive rewards, airdrops, fashion shows, and much more during the event.  

Panels & Talks

If you’re curious about the story behind the featuring creatives and the future of digital fashion, you’re in luck! Portion will be hosting panels and talks on Twitter Spaces and IG live throughout October. The Digital Fashion Month will also feature EDU recordings that will talk about AR fashion, beauty, and experience sharing.

Here is the event schedule you can follow for participation:

  • Thursday, OCT 7 — 2PM EST — Clubhouse Kickoff Party — a conversation with artists and creators specializing in the new frontier of digital fashion — hosted by Jonny Caplan, Jeff Carvalho, and the Portion team.
  • Friday, OCT 8 – 2PM EST  —  Kicking off Digital Art Month with Portion, CADAF, The Fabricant, and Alexey Severin @ Twitter Spaces.
  • Thursday, Oct 19  — Decentraland Drop Party — Hosted by Stoney Eye Studios @ Portion Museum.
  • Thursday, OCT 21 – 2PM EST — 1 hour panel — Understanding wearables and the Metaverse @Twitter Spaces.
  • Thursday, Oct 28 – 2PM EST — 1-hour panel on Digital fashion, Blockchain, and Sustainability featuring Palm NFT studios @Twitter Spaces.

If you’d like to receive Portion’s real-time event updates, follow their Twitter or Discord.

Digital Fashion Month 2021 and Beyond

The market demand for NFTs and digital clothing is on the rise with many renowned brands launching their own versions of digital clothing. It’s safe to say that we’d soon have a thriving digital clothing market that would have its own demands. This is where Portion will facilitate digital fashion artists and consumers.

Portion’s artist-first NFT platform will continue to support creators and digital artists to create and share their work without worrying about royalties – what an exciting era to be for creators and collectible shoppers! 

The event is scheduled to launch on October 7th. Learn more about Digital Fashion Month 2021 on the company’s website. For more Digital Fashion Month breakdowns, check back on Oct 7th.

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