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Jimmy Choo NFT collection enters the NFT market with mystery boxes and an exclusive auction for digital art collectors in partnership with Ucollex, Eric Haze, and Poggy.

Jimmy Choo has been a pioneer in exclusivity when it comes to women’s shoes. The designer’s shoes have graced the red carpets and have garnered the likes of A-list celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon. With Jimmy Choo NFT announcement, the infamous shoe brand has patterned itself after other luxury brands that have had tremendous success with NFTs. Here’s what you can expect from the Jimmy Choo NFT collection.

Jimmy Choo NFT Collection: Mystery Boxes And An Exclusive NFT Auction  

While other luxury brands are just dropping clothing items, Jimmy Choo has decided to spice things up with 8,888 mystery boxes, divided into four categories based on their level of scarcity. Each box is assigned a random NFT based on four high-heel shoe designs. At level one, you have 5,333 neutral boxes; at level two, there are 3,109 rare boxes; at level 3, there are 445 super rare boxes; and at the final level, there’s a single super-super rare box, a single Jimmy Choo/Eric Haze LOVE 100 Glitter. If you get one of the super rare boxes, your name will be added to a draw where you get the chance to score another super exclusive NFT, with only 100 of it minted so far. The boxes will be launched on the Binance NFT marketplace for 30 BUSD.  

Image /@Jimmy Choo

Image /@Jimmy Choo

Additionally, the brand will launch an animated artwork of exclusive trainers and its digital version designed for JIMMY CHOO / ERIC HAZE CURATED BY POGGY collaboration for auction on the Binance NFT marketplace. The digital sneakers’ NFT rotates against Eric Haze’s signature script backdrop. If you win the digital art, you will get the NFT and the hand-painted physical version of the sneakers. This bidding, too, will commence on October 20.

The visionaries behind the collection are the American artist Eric Haze, Japanese designer Poggy, and Jimmy Choo’s creative director Sandra Choi.

If the mystery around the collection alone isn’t enough to get you excited, it is worth noting that the proceeds from the sales would go to the Jimmy Choo foundation that helps women enhance livelihoods through education and empowerment. So when you log into Binance on October 20 for the Jimmy Choo NFT collection, you would be doing more than just buying exclusive digital art.

Should You Get In On the NFTs?

It appears that many luxury brands are quickly becoming a part of this growing NFT verse. Does this mean you should get in on it too? Whether You are a brand or a fashion consumer, NFTs represent a profitable opportunity. With NFTs, you can collect rare and exclusive digital fashion collections to add to your library or to sell them later for a higher price. 

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Who is Ucollex?

Ucollex is an NFT platform created by artists to help digital art collectors find exclusive pop culture and toy NFT collectibles. If you enjoy collecting exclusive art then you’ll find Ucollex to be a permanent home for NFT collectibles. The platform offers innovative VR experiences, exclusive content, including interviews with artists, and the best collections of 3D art.

Who is Jimmy Choo?

Founded in 1996, Jimmy Choo is a London-based high fashion brand specializing in handbags, fragrances, luxury shoes, and accessories. The brand was acquired by Michael Kors in 2017 for $1.2 billion.  

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.