July 9, 2021
      Louboutin AR/VR experience

      Explore Louboutin AR/VR Experience in Vaporwave Style

      Louboutin men's shoe collection features an avant-garde augmented and virtual reality experience that may stay etched in our memories forever. Find out more details about Louboutin AR/VR experience in this article.
      September 21, 2021
      Balenciaga X Fortnite

      Balenciaga X Fortnite Partnership Brings New Game Objects And A Capsule Collection

      Just a few weeks back, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he wants Facebook to become a Metaverse. Not too long ago Vans announced its partnership with Roblox […]
      December 4, 2021
      EBIT's Metaverse

      EBIT’s Metaverse, YELLOW TRIP ROAD, Creates Metacommerce For Mental Health Awareness

      EBIT’s Metaverse, YELLOW TRIP ROAD, brings a unique, multi-sensory, XR experience to raise mental health awareness and launch the company’s first virtual fashion line. Check out the details of the experience and its NFTs.