Christian Louboutin showcases its spring/summer men’s collection in an avant-garde blend with virtual and augmented reality and artist Julien Gravel.

Over the past year, we have seen many designers play with the concept of virtual and augmented reality (see Balenciaga SS22), however this is the first time, in quarantine, that a top fashion house brand has collaborated with a music artist in XR. For its latest collection, the designer has created a unique immersive experience with vaporwave style visuals: Loubifuture.

Start your Loubifuture experience with the music video below:


The Louboutin AR/VR  experience begins with a pop/funk beat borrowed from french musician Julien Gravel, who also serves as the model for the collection in the official Mirage video. 


Image / Christian Louboutin


The video starts in a 3D space where a giant red piano awaits you. Soon it will shed its keys that would float in the air and so will the video’s model, the French musician. The musician treks on a rainbow pathway and launches himself into the air with an umbrella while the glow-stick rainfalls. There are birds, fireworks, and a tropical forest all blended into an immersive cocktail of colors. Amidst all of this beautiful madness, you will find Louboutini men’s shoe collection.

The virtual world for this collection consists of double showrooms. The first showroom features the star of the show, Louboutin’s new sneaker called “Arpoador,” a name chosen as a tribute to the designer’s admiration for Brazil. The name refers to a junction nestled between Ipanema and Copacabana.

In the Louboutin AR/VR experience, you can observe five different styles of sneakers here that can be viewed as 360-degree rotary images so you can pay attention to every little detail. Displayed in a purple-blue showroom, the five colors of the sneakers (black, beige, white, black, red, and white) cast surrealism into the environment. 

Each pair of shoes seems to have a distinct persona. The Arpaodor sneakers come with a shock-absorbing sole, a leather upper, a pull tab on the heel, and a striking red surface that immediately steals attention.


Image / Christian Louboutin


From the first room in Louboutin AR/VR experience, you go to the next on a roller coaster that takes you through purple archways and rainbow-like tunnels filled with smoke.

In the next room, you will experience the next part of the new collection, the “Agrosphere”. It features bags and the designer’s signature red-bottom shoes. Daring, vibrant colors, chunky heels, monk straps, lug soles, spikes, and black calf leather redefine Louboutin fashion for the younger generation of fashion enthusiasts. Additionally, the collection seamlessly integrates feministic styles that include embellishments and feminine colors.   

The accessories from the collection include The BackParis backpack, the Ruistote bag (with colors silver, black, and red), and the LoubiTown pouch.  

You can scan each item using a QR code, which will give you details like the price and the item description.



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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.


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