December 31, 2020

      Fashion’s Digital Shift in 2020: A Recap

      The fashion industry wen through a digital shift following the pandemic. We look into the technological innovations that changed the way we consume fashion. Here are the highlights of fashion's digital shift in in 2020.
      January 25, 2021

      Canada Goose Joins The Fight To End Animal Cruelty From Fashion Industry

      Canada Goose have been making some changes - from its fashion design, to online campaign, to in-store experiences.
      March 5, 2021

      Crypto Fashion Week Highlights

      In the past few years, we have witnessed tech advancements in all aspects such as high-speed networks, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Crypto, which is another word […]
      April 16, 2021
      Source / Voxel8

      Italian Fashion Manufacturer Partners With Voxel8 to 3D Print High-Fashion Accessories

      Voxel8 joins forces with Eddy Ricami to produce high-fashion accessories using multi-material, additive, and digital technologies.
      April 19, 2021
      Source / Allbirds Email Carbon Footprint

      Allbirds Sustainability Initiative: The Company Shares Its Secrets with Big Brands

      Allbirds shares their company secrets with big brands and the public on Carbon Footprint calculation in hopes to create a community effort to fight for a greener future.
      June 7, 2021

      LFX Launches UNIFi3D – A 3D-as-a-service to Accelerate Digital Transformation For Retail 

      LFX bridges the gap between traditional and digital manufacturing by offering its 3D technological expertise in digital product development. With this initiative, the company would help brands accelerate their growth in digital product manufacturing and respond to the trends faster.
      June 11, 2021

      Balenciaga SS22: Deep Fakes, Clones, Digital identities

      Demna Gvasalia partnered with Quentin Deronzier to create another-worldly CGI production that features clones of artist Eliza Douglas. In a world where fashion shows are on a halt, virtual shows like Balenciaga SS22 may see a meteoric rise. Read the highlights from the show.
      July 9, 2021
      Louboutin AR/VR experience

      Explore Louboutin AR/VR Experience in Vaporwave Style

      Louboutin men's shoe collection features an avant-garde augmented and virtual reality experience that may stay etched in our memories forever. Find out more details about Louboutin AR/VR experience in this article.