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      July 20, 2021
      RCA 2021 graduates

      RCA 2021 Graduates Are Redefining Fashion Design In Their Own Way

      Fashion design has transcended beyond the physical realm. These 10 RCA 2021 graduates explain why it's transcending conventional boundaries and how that may impact the future of fashion design. Explore the intricate details of RCA graduates’ projects in this article.
      July 16, 2021
      coty contactless fragrance testers

      Coty’s Touch-Less Fragrance Testers Redefine Perfume Sampling

      Coty’s touch-less fragrance testers will deliver a droplet of perfume on the customer’s arm for an enhanced sampling experience without any contact. Learn more about the new devices and where to find them.
      July 13, 2021
      Lululemon Mushroom leather

      Lululemon Launches Its First Mushroom Leather Capsule Featuring A New Yoga Mat

      Lululemon is fulfilling its commitment to using at least 75% sustainable materials in all its products with the new Mushroom Leather collection. We dig deep into the new vegan leather and see how it is used in the brand’s latest yoga offerings.
      July 12, 2021
      Virgin Galactic Spacesuits

      Virgin Galactic Spacesuits: This Is What Richard Branson Wore In Space

      Discover Virgin Galactic spacesuits that will accompany the pilots and astronauts of Virgin Galactic’s future commercial space flights. Explore the intricate design of the space suits in this article.
      July 8, 2021
      Kering CFS2021 VR

      Kering Plans to Bring Its Sustainable Materials To Circular Fashion Summit 2021

      Kering announces its participation in Circular Fashion Summit 2021. The virtual reality summit will take place on 1-3 October and will feature several startups working on innovative sustainable materials that could aid in creating sustainable manufacturing.
      June 29, 2021
      Swatch Bioceramic Big Gold

      Wear Less Plastic With Swatch Bioceramic Big Bold

      Swatch has just elevated their signature watch to become more sustainable.
      June 28, 2021
      LVMH Innovation Award 2021

      Livestream Shopping Startup Wins LVMH Innovation Award 2021

      Do you miss shopping in an offline store to experience the ambiance of a brand; or inspecting clothes details by flipping through rack by rack; or […]
      June 21, 2021

      H&M Foundation Launches A Virtual Clothing Collection Supporting 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups

      H&M’s non-profit organization has recognized 10 startups that actively seek to introduce sustainable fashion through innovative manufacturing techniques. Read more about “The Billion Dollar Collection”. 
      June 14, 2021
      Image / Pangaia

      Discover PANGAIA Air Ink – A New Fashion Innovation

      Discover AIR INK, a new fashion innovation created by Graviky labs to replace conventional black ink in textile printing. PANGAIA's capsule collection uses AIR INK to mark the beginning of a new era in textile printing.
      June 9, 2021
      Image / Adidas

      Adidas and Allbirds Want to Make Sure Your Sneakers Don’t Pollute

      Adidas and Allbirds have come together to incorporate sustainability standards in their production processes by introducing the first sustainable sneaker. The shoes reportedly have a 5kg less carbon footprint than regular sneakers. Learn more in this post.