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Going digital is slowly becoming a necessity for brands regardless of their size. Just this year, tons of brands have partnered with celebrities and influencers to launch NFTs, social media campaigns on TikTok and Instagram, and have built partnerships with gaming platforms to upgrade their marketing efforts. Recently, PacSun, too, has been redefining its digital strategy creating its own digital ecosystem–that we like to call PacSun’s digital ecosystem–harnessing the power of everything from AR to cryptocurrency.

PacSun’s Digital Ecosystem And The New Hybrid Approach To Marketing 

According to Piper Sandler’s report, PacSun ranks at #3 among favorite teen apparel brands. This isn’t a coincidence. PacSun had had its share of failures that left the company bankrupt more than once. Over the years, PacSun has been experimenting with wide-ranging digital marketing initiatives to tweak and test its product placement and increase its reach for better profitability in hopes to avoid another bankruptcy. And it seems the recent marketing efforts are working. In early October, the company started accepting crypto payments through BitPay to help Gen Z customers pay online without a hassle. 

Now the company has a new set of digital initiatives for its Holiday collection 2021 and it packs in a multifold approach that encompasses a TikTok challenge, NFT’s, AR, and online gaming. The company is targeting 2 million followers on TikTok by 2022. 

During this week, the company plans on launching a dedicated Instagram filter and a holiday Snapchat lens to promote its holiday collection, including its Cyber Monday and Black Friday campaigns.

Later, on November 16th, the brand will launch its TikTok challenge along with additional holiday-based content including quizzes featuring engaging series like “5 things to give your BLANK” and Gifts for the BLANK.” Additionally, the company will have social media interviews, takeovers, and a social promotion named, “25 Days of Giving ” on December 1st. This campaign would help PacSun customers to win prizes for friends and family and themselves using tags.

Moreover, the brand plans on creating innovative shop-able experiences for its customers by focusing on graphics, fleece, and denim to help them find highly personalized styles and gift ideas. With crypto exclusive launches, the company will utilize display ads, social media ads, and paid search to promote crypto offers. 

Brie Olson, the president at PacSun described the motive behind the digital initiatives as: “At PacSun, we always think digital-first in terms of how we communicate with our community. This holiday, we are bringing cutting edge technology to bring an exciting experience to consumers through innovations in social media, AR, NFT’s, and so much more.”

Another effort to increase its reach includes a digital and in-store promotion through weekly livestream events that will feature curated collections for gift ideas at the company’s major retail locations, nationwide, including the Soho flagship store and DTLA, reimagined for the promotional activities as “gallery space”. This new “gallery space” will host surprise guest influencers, and brand partners along with exclusive PacSun drops.

For its IRL experiences, the company has partnered with Twitch and Rolling Loud, California, to launch a 3-day event in December featuring exclusive merchandise. The company has future plans with Twitch to create interactive livestream festivals.

Alfred Chang, Co-CEO of PacSun described the partnerships as: “During the season of giving, we are bringing people together through uniting the best of the physical and digital worlds by presenting our consumers with fun and creative ways to engage with us and each other in real-time. As a result, they get a first look at our new holiday collections and can shop what they see both in-person and online, all while joining in on conversations digital and IRL.”

To fully harness the power of online gaming, PacSun has plans to launch Pacworld, a PacSun Fantasy Mall on Roblox.

Lessons Learned From PacSun’s Digital Ecosystem

As more and more brands join the ongoing conversation around NFTs, VR/AR, and online gaming, one thing is apparent: the future of digital marketing hinges upon a mix of digital and IRL experiences. PacSun is not the first brand to encompass wide-ranging tech tools for its digital marketing campaigns, but it is the first to combine IRL and digital experiences for a broader reach. How will this pay off? PacSun has already been successful with its BitPay launch, so it is safe to say that the company has finally figured out the formula for its success, which didn’t come easy. 

What To Expect From PacSun’s Holiday Campaign? 

The entire Holiday campaign is designed to help you engage with the brand, discover new styles, and find gift ideas for your loved ones. This is going to be an interesting holiday experience if you are looking to upgrade your style or discover social media challenges that can help you win a valuable gift from PacSun. It could be fun for the entire family. Apart from the TikTok challenge, AR filters, and merch drops, find products from your other favorite brands, too!

Expect to find new PacSun collections for kids, PS Reserves drops, and products from the company’s brand partners, ESSENTIALS, Land Rover, Circulate, Playboy, and many more as part of the holiday collection.

Watch the company’s Holiday campaign video

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.