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Clinique becomes the first Estée Lauder brand to get in on the NFT craze with purpose-driven uses of NFTs for enhanced marketing. Clinique loyalty program members can submit stories of optimism on social media with #MetaOptimist, #Clinique, and #Contest before or on November 2nd, 11:59 pm to win Clinique NFT and Clinique physical products every year over ten years! 

In this race towards digital goods and metaverse, luxury brands are quickly cashing in on the popularity of NFTs. Just recently Dolce & Gabbana’s first nine-piece NFT collection drew over $6 million. Fashion NFTs are seeing profitability ranging anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to millions with the prospect of even higher pay-outs in the future. Clinique is the recent high-end brand to join the ranks of Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana with its NFT launch. 

Clinique NFT Is More Than Just An NFT

Clinique is not selling NFTs. Instead, the company is giving its loyal shoppers a reward scheme to receive free Clinique products for the next 10 years. The offer comes with an NFT artwork called “Meta Optimist”, which is a conceptual molecule capable of changing colors. It draws inspiration from two of Clinique’s most popular products: the Almost Lipstick Black Honey and the Moisture Surge 100H moisturizer.

The contest was launched on October 19 and will remain open for entries till November 2nd.

How Do You Get In On The Clinique NFT?

You can reserve your free Clinique products for the next 10 years by sharing “stories of optimism” on social media: Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram. To enter the Clinique NFT contest, sign up for Clinique Smart Rewards and then post a video or photo on social media with hashtags MetaOptimize, Clinique, and Contest. Find the contest terms and conditions here.

You will receive the Almost Lipstick Black Honey (which is usually out of stock due to its popularity) and once-yearly Clinique physical products. The winners will be announced on social media by actors Melissa Barrera and Emilia Clarke, the brand ambassadors for the company.

Who Can Have Access to Clinique’s NFT?

Clinique’s NFT is accessible to the Clinique’s loyalty program members only. Through Clinique NFT, the brand seeks to reward its members and incentivize the loyalty program. Since NFTs represent scarcity and rarity, Clinique is taking things a step further through limited access to the NFT. According to Cathy Hacki, the chief metaverse officer and CEO of Future Intelligence Group that worked on the Clinique NFT strategy, “Clinique’s approach is unique because it’s focused on social currency, so the way to interact is via stories. It’s not necessarily for free. It empowers Clinique’s loyal fans to be able to use their content as a gateway into the metaverse.” She further adds, “We wanted to focus on the utility of the NFT, engaging the community and creating value both virtually and physically.”

While Clinique’s approach to NFT is unique, it’s not the only brand to tie NFT sales with physical products. Later this month, Jimmy Choo is launching its own first NFT, where the winners will receive both the digital and physical version of the sneakers designed with American artist Eric Haze.  

What’s So Different About Clinique’s NFT Approach?

The brand wants to make it easy for an average consumer to access NFTs. According to Roxanne Barretto Iyer, VP of global consumer engagement at Clinique, “We thought a lot about how we bring consumers on this journey of innovation because the barriers to innovation can be really high.” Customers from the Clinique’s reward program who win the NFT can decide whether to trade, sell or keep the NFT. Micheal Smith, the chief information officer at Estée Lauder, told Vogue that, “Once we give it (NFT) away to the consumer, it is theirs.” He further informed the magazine that Clinique is utilizing Polygon, a framework designed to connect Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.”

Clinique is essentially looking at strategic ways to utilize NFTs to create value-driven marketing. Adding perks to the NFT offer increases engagement and helps consumers become more connected to the brand. Since Clinique NFT is only accessible to its loyalty program members, in the future, this kind of perk-based offering could further strengthen the connection between the brand and its audience while increasing its fan base. So for Clinique, it seems, it’s more than just making money.

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.