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French Luxury brand, Chloé  becomes the first European luxury brand to get B Corp certification.

Back in June, Allbirds launched an all-green sneaker with Adidas, Futurecraft Footprint. It was one of the company’s sustainability initiatives that contributed to its B Corp certification. While Allbirds is not the first to embrace sustainability, since its initiative, many big brands have been following suits, including Gucci and Vestiaire Collective. Recently, Chloé, the French luxury brand, has joined the ranks of renowned companies that take sustainability seriously. Are these brands just trying to follow the ‘green’ trend, or will they really contribute to the circular economy?

Chloé’s B Corp Certification 

B Corp certification is currently the gold standard in the industry for sustainability. It is kinda a badge of honor that, apparently, every luxury brand wants to wear. But not everybody can. Brands have to jump through many hoops to garner the B Corp certification or call themselves a B corp company. 

According to Chloé’s website, the company’s sustainability goals for 2025 include dedicating 1% of the time to gender equality, 90% to using low-impact sustainability materials for its collections, and 30% on fair-trade sourcing. The company’s four pillars of engagement focus on equal opportunity, responsible sourcing, positive impact on communities, and the planet’s health. To fulfill its commitment to sustainability, the brand has already launched lower impact products, which means that the company is walking the walk. 

In an official statement, Riccardo Bellini, the chief executive of the brand said, “Beyond the fact that we are proud of it as a company, we also aim to inspire many others to join. We upgraded our operations, governance, and policies in a way that allows us to operate in a more environmentally and socially responsible manner.” 

Chloé’s efforts to attain B Corp certification date back to last November when Bellini told WWD that the brand was in the process of adopting a more purpose-driven and accountable business model. Some of the measures in becoming a more accountable brand included creating a profit and loss account, creating an advisory board, and incorporating social entrepreneurs across its supply chains. 

Why Is B Corp Certification A Huge Deal For Chloé And Other Brands?

While many brands would just greenwash their products and services, B Corp certified brands are accountable for their actions on a bigger scale. Just to get started, companies who wish to become B Corp certified have to fill out a 300-word questionnaire detailing the intricate details of their business. And that’s not an easy start. 

Bellini confessed in an interview that, “It was significantly more challenging than I could have expected. It’s a deep and considered audit and works across all the different areas of the company.” 

With B Corp status, brands can increase their likeability index and hence their customer base. Millennials are more geared towards fashion that does not harm. And they are only going to become more educated about environmental issues in the near future demanding a shift in current practices that don’t put the planet and its people first. So in the future, becoming a B Corp company could become essential for survival. 

So is Chloé taking sustainability seriously? 

B Corp certified companies have to incorporate sustainability practices across all areas, including manufacturing and transportation. And by looking at Chloe’s sustainability endeavors, it seems that for Chloe, it’s not about following a trend; it’s about becoming an eco-conscious brand. 

About Chloé

Chloé is a French luxury brand founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. Currently, the brand is owned by Richemont Group. Over the years  Chloé has partnered with several brands and celebrities including January Jones, Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Madonna, and Emma Stone to mention a few. Check out Chloe’s Spring 22 collection designed by its creative director Gabriela Hearst

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.