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With Allbirds sustainability initiative, rhe brand wants to take sustainability seriously, but not in its own. The renowned footwear brand known for its eco-friendly sneakers is inviting other brands to join hands for collaboration that would aid in sustainability practices.

Source / Allbirds

Allbirds Sustainability Initiative

Allbirds publicized an open-letter addressed to its competitors and some of the biggest fashion brands to initiate collaborative efforts in building a more sustainable fashion future. In the letter, Allbirds shares a website which contains corporate secret tools on Carbon Footprint that helped their company to become sustainable.

There are totally 4 resources that Allbirds have shared with the public.

  1. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tool: Partnered with SCS Global Services, the spreadsheet is a meticulously written pre-formulated cells and instructions that helps brands calculate Carbon Footprint of their products, identify hotspots, and drive emissions reductions.
  2. User Manual: A guideline of instructions on the spreadsheets and also tips creating a sustainable business cycle from R&D to consumer to disposal.
  3. Labelling Guide: How brands can label their clothing properly in order to inform users properly about what they’re buying into, just like a nutrition label for food, but more detailed.
  4. Link to support a greener fashion industry as consumers: Sign it on


Allbirds is a B-Corp-approved and sustainability-focused footwear company that earned its name in the sustainable fashion industry. Through Allbirds sustainability initiative, the mission is to produce carbon neutral products that uses regenerative agriculture, innovative materials and clean energy.

Through Allbirds sustainability initiative, the company is currently creating the lowest Carbon Footprint shoes in date in collaboration with Adidas. For more info about their mission and updates, check out their page:

Learn more about how Allbirds is leading towards circular economy:

Allbirds sustainable activewear collection aims to promote sustainable practices.

Allbirds and Adidas launch footwear to reduce carbon footprint.

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