April 24, 2020
      Travis Scott X Fortnite

      Travis Scott X Fortnite Digital Concert & Merch Drop

      A 9mins in-game concert and dropped a real-life and virtual merch collection. Here is what happened...
      February 25, 2021
      Credits / VMF

      AR Open-Air Gallery In Vancouver

        View this po It’s been almost a year since most Vancouverites starts to live in lockdown mode. Many events, galleries, and other entertainments have been […]
      March 5, 2021

      Crypto Fashion Week Highlights

      In the past few years, we have witnessed tech advancements in all aspects such as high-speed networks, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Crypto, which is another word […]
      July 9, 2021
      Louboutin AR/VR experience

      Explore Louboutin AR/VR Experience in Vaporwave Style

      Louboutin men's shoe collection features an avant-garde augmented and virtual reality experience that may stay etched in our memories forever. Find out more details about Louboutin AR/VR experience in this article.
      October 1, 2021
      Portion Digital Fashion Month

      Portion’s Digital Fashion Month 2021: Explore Fashion NFTs, AR and Panels By Top Digital Creators

      Digital Fashion Month will kick off on October 7th. The event will showcase top digital fashion artists like The Fabricant, Skeeva, Sara Petito and auction their artwork as NFTs. Additionally, Portion will host a dynamic AR exhibition on NYC's Fifth Avenue.
      October 29, 2021
      Facebook Meta

      Facebook Becomes Meta, Introducing A Mixed Reality Lifestyle For Everyone

      On Thursday, Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the new name, logo, and vision for the company. Facebook will no longer be defined as a social media company but a metaverse company incorporating AR, VR, and boundless elements of technology that would essentially reshape how we connect.
      November 12, 2021

      New AR Wardrobe Platform By Zero10 App

      Are you a digital content creator? Zero10 app has some really cool new outfits that you can try for your next social media content campaign. Try digital outfits within the app and save them in the app’s built-in wardrobe. And if you like your selection, share it with the world!