May 8, 2021

      Meet Shudu Gram, the world’s first digital supermodel

      The world’s first digital supermodel is a big social media influencer. But who’s behind her, and what does she represent for the fashion industry? We explore her life and controversies in this post.
      May 8, 2021
      Image / Gucci

      Will You Buy Digital Gucci Sneakers At Just $9?

      The luxury industry is constantly testing the waters of digital fashion, and Gucci wants to make sure they are part of that conversation. Now you can wear Gucci virtual sneakers for as low as $9!
      May 4, 2021
      Source / XUPERMASK Debuts XUPERMASK, A Wearable Tech Mask For Modern People

      In a time when face masks are a necessity, has launched a face mask with unique audio engineering and connectivity.
      April 29, 2021

      Wearable Tech Accessories For Mental Health

      Are you a victim of anxiety and stress? Learn how fitness trackers can help you with your mental health and increase your longevity.
      April 27, 2021

      Emerging 3D Printed Fashion Designers To Know

      Designers and young talents are paving the future of 3D printed fashion. Here are some of our list of brands to follow.
      April 23, 2021
      Source / Nike

      How 3D Printing Can Change Our Process of Making and Consuming Fashion

      We keep asking ourselves — What makes fashion design innovative? Apart from countless recycled textile and pattern designs that we see, love, and forget from each […]
      April 22, 2021
      Source / Iris Van Herpen

      Must Know 3D Printed Clothing Designers in 2021

      3D printed clothing seems to be taking the fashion tech industry by storm. Take some time to review the work of the most prominent 3D printed clothing designers and see if you can find inspiration for your own 3D collection. 
      April 22, 2021

      Sustainable Fashion Innovations To Try Out This Earth Day

      Every time you buy a new outfit, you are contributing to the traditional manufacturing processes that harm the planet. Learn how to choose sustainable fashion and reduce the impact of carbon emissions caused by the fashion industry.