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With companies like Voxel8, 3D printing technologies are penetrating the fashion industry, particularly in haute couture. Additive manufacturing offers innovative new techniques for 3D printed clothing that not only give designers a cutting edge tool for expressing their creativity but also allows them to connect with a fashion-forward audience. 

If you are a fashion tech designer looking to get inspired, here are the top 3D printed clothing designers who are famous in the industry. 


The mother of high-tech couture — Iris Van Herpen

Source / Iris Van Herpen


With her Spring 2021 Couture, Iris Van Herpen continue to impress us with her new dialogue between fashion, nature and technology. This collection, she partnered with Parley, Adida’s recycled shoes manufacturing partner, and used upcycled marine debris to inject her designs with a unique yet sustainable spin.


Iris Van Herpen is known for her crazy structural wearables infused with technologies. She has worked with MIT Media Lab professor Neri Oxman in 2013 to create armours that acts like second skin. “The ability to vary softness and elasticity inspired us to design a “second skin” for the body acting as armor-in-motion; in this way we were able to design not only the garment’s form but also its motion,” explains Oxman. “The incredible possibilities afforded by these new technologies allowed us to reinterpret the tradition of couture as “tech-couture” where delicate hand-made embroidery and needlework is replaced by code….”


Practice covid 19 precautions with The Proximity Dress  

Source / Anouk Wipprecht


Designed by Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, the Proximity Dress combines elements of tech and fashion to create sensors that can detect movement near the wearer’s body. If someone gets too close to the wearer, the dress expands forming a barrier between the wearer and the external stimuli. The dress was designed using Stratasys PolyJet technology and the SLS process.


Opt for sustainable fashion with a zero-waste 3D printed clothing

Source / Julia Daviy


This 3D printed dress is designed by fashion tech designer Julia Daviy. She sees 3D printing as a viable solution to move away from conventional fashion production to an environmentally-friendly design and development. Designed using recyclable filaments, the skirt produces less than 1% waste, which makes it highly sustainable in a time where sustainability is much needed.


Print your own 3D dress with Danit Peleg designs  

Source / Danit Peleg


Danit Peleg loves to create 3D printed garments to make this fashion tech trend accessible to everyone. Peleg wants to make sure that anyone can shop for her digital fashion designs, experience how the designs look through augmented reality, download the design file on NFTs, and print their own dress on any 3D printer.


Sustainable 3D printed collection by Zerera Studio 

Source / Zerera Studio


Using biodegradable filaments and garments, the ZRE collection design studio creates sustainable 3D printed fashion that offers both stylish and eco-friendly choices for fashion enthusiasts. The studio is experimenting with other technologies including a body scanner and a laser cutting machine to create unique fashion articles that do more than just save the planet.


Get inspired by Julia Koerner’s collection

Source / Black Panther


If you have seen Black Panther then you are familiar with this fashion tech designer on our list. Julia Koerner created stunning costumes for the film in collaboration with Ruth E Carter harnessing the power of 3D printing to produce fine garment structures. 


Accessory: 3D handbags with XYZ BAG

Source / XYZ Bag


Next on our list is a CAD modeled handbag collection that is customized based on the user’s preferences. Based in Italy, the company allows its customers to choose a design from 3 different product options and place the order. 

The company then uses CAD technology to print the handbag. Originally, the company’s handbags were offered in a standard black color, but customers can also choose a different color which will then be hand-painted to give a seamless design. According to the company’s CEO Annalisa Nicola, the 3D designs allow for greater freedom in terms of creativity.


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