January 14, 2022
      Gap NFTs Tezos Brandon Sines

      Gap Is Selling Hoodie NFTs Co-created By Frank Ape Artist

      Gap has been dropping front-page-worthy news in the past few months from YEEZY GAP jacket launch to YEEZY GAP X BALENCIAGA collaboration. It hasn’t even been a week yet, Gap has announced another major news that rebrands its digital strategy blueprint.
      September 10, 2021
      Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses_HYBRID RITUALS

      Capture and Share Your Life Hands-Free with Facebook X Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses

      We spend too much effort pulling out and unlocking our phones for taking photos and videos. Mark Zuckerberg said smart glasses can help you with that.
      June 29, 2021
      Swatch Bioceramic Big Gold

      Wear Less Plastic With Swatch Bioceramic Big Bold

      Swatch has just elevated their signature watch to become more sustainable.
      June 28, 2021
      LVMH Innovation Award 2021

      Livestream Shopping Startup Wins LVMH Innovation Award 2021

      Do you miss shopping in an offline store to experience the ambiance of a brand; or inspecting clothes details by flipping through rack by rack; or […]
      June 21, 2021

      H&M Foundation Launches A Virtual Clothing Collection Supporting 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups

      H&M’s non-profit organization has recognized 10 startups that actively seek to introduce sustainable fashion through innovative manufacturing techniques. Read more about “The Billion Dollar Collection”. 
      June 14, 2021
      Image / Pangaia

      Discover PANGAIA Air Ink – A New Fashion Innovation

      Discover AIR INK, a new fashion innovation created by Graviky labs to replace conventional black ink in textile printing. PANGAIA's capsule collection uses AIR INK to mark the beginning of a new era in textile printing.
      May 25, 2021
      Source / SKINNER

      UNTANGLED: Discover Polyform, The Gears Behind Sustainable Interactive Experiences

      There’s a surge in the use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biometrics, and facial recognition technologies among many retail brands for optimizing the interactions between companies […]
      May 22, 2021
      Image / H&M

      Smart Mirrors – Learn How They Are Redefining Shopping Experience

      Powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality, these mirrors are here to revolutionize the way you shop.