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Gap has been dropping front-page-worthy news in the past few months from YEEZY GAP jacket launch to YEEZY GAP X BALENCIAGA collaboration. It hasn’t even been a week yet, Gap has announced another major news that rebrands its digital strategy blueprint.

Starting today, you can purchase the Gap threads NFTs collection created by top artist Brandon Sines, the creator of the Frank Ape cartoon character. Gap Threads is the first series of NFTs released by the retail brand, featuring digital hoodie art as NFTs.

Today’s drop (Jan 13th) is just the beginning. The company plans to release more rare and epic NFTs in the next few days. The future drops will enable Gap NFTs buyers to claim a unique and sustainable physical copy of the Gap x Frank Ape by Sines hoodie, but only after accumulating the minimum NFTs required by Gap’s game rules.

The Gap Thread NFTs collecting goals are not difficult to achieve, but it isn’t as cheap as a normal piece of hoodie. If you calculate it, it costs at least $50USD in order to complete the first step, and the last step may cost up to $415 (100 tez).


Here are the steps to getting an IRL hoodie with the announced roadmap:

Step 1

Collect 4 Different Common and 2 Different Rare NFTs

Step 2

Fuse to create collector’s special NFT

Step 3

Buy an Epic NFT to claim your IRL merch


The Gap hoodie NFTs are docked on the Tezos Blockchain by Interpop. Tezos is also self-proclaimed as a more energy-efficient blockchain, self-updating, and secure platform compared to other popular options. Gap’s hoodie collection prices starts from $8.3 or 2XTZ(tez) depending on the rarity of the design. Start collecting here: Gap Threads NFTs.


Want to customize your hoodie NFT and get a IRL one? Comment your thoughts below!

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