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Swatch bioceramic has launched a sustainable version of the Big Bold collection by incorporates its newly developed bioceramic material. The bioceramic watches are made with a composition of 2/3 plant-based ceramic powder (Zro2) and 1/3 bio-sourced plastic, making the timepiece a lot more environmentally friendly than its original version.

According to the company’s marketing head, Bernardo Tribolet, the bio-sourced material comes from Castor plant that is famous for castor oil. Castor plant has ultra resistant properties that make it a perfect ingredient for the resistance and softness.

By replacing conventional watch materials with renewable bio-sourced materials, the Swiss manufacturer aims to add its contribution to saving the planet. Earlier, brands like Adidas and Allbirds, Ralph Lauren, and Pangaia have introduced Swatch bioceramic innovative techniques that would create long-term sustainability solutions. With its new material, it seems that Swatch, too, has its hat in the ring.

According to the company’s website, the watch crystal, loops, and bracelets are all designed with bio-sourced plastic. The new watches come with a bold 47mm see-through case covered with a piece crystal that gives away the intricate scaffolding supporting the underlying mechanisms.

The monochromatic matte shades and chic color palette presents a sophisticated look screaming quality. Even though the products are made with new innovative materials, the manufacturing quality is not compromised. The production process for this collection still follows the traditional method from 30 years ago. The band material is soft and feels like silk against the skin. While the design is highly unique, it doesn’t come close to the science that separates the new watches from every other watch brand in the world. The watch currently is priced at $125 USD, which is a rather affordable price considering highly sustainable products usually comes with a price tag above the average.

In September last year, the company introduced Bioreloaded, which replaced conventional plastic with biological plastic. Both innovations, Bioreloaded and Bioceramic, fall under Swatch Next, an endeavor that would continuously invest in new sustainability solutions.

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