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If you always wanted to own Gucci but never had that extra dough, now you can. At just around $9, digital Gucci sneakers can be yours. The new trainers are priced at around $12.99 on the Gucci app and $8.99 in the Wanna Kicks AR sneaker app. It’s a virtual clout made affordable. 

If you are a social media influencer, Gucci Virtual 25’s anniversary is here to help you gain virtual clout. With this fashion innovation, Gucci has launched its first-ever digital-only trainers that you can try on using AR and digitally wear to take photographs for your social media. Designed by the company’s creative director Alessandro Michele, these neon-colored digital trainers can be your next go-to shoes for photographs.


The exquisite design of Gucci Virtual 25


Image / Gucci


The exclusive design of the sneakers have made them insanely popular among digital content creators and social media influencers. 

Named after Michele’s favorite number 25, Gucci Virtual 25 is a low-top, high-top hybrid accentuated with a fluorescent green upper. The brand’s G logo is seamlessly emblazoned on the chunky blue sole and on the dial that holds the shoes in place, replacing the conventional laces. You will also see the logo prominent on the pink heel counter. 

The shoes were born out of an innovative collaboration between Wanna, an AR fashion platform, and Gucci. The digital trainers can be attained through the company’s app for a small price tag of $9-$12. Not too much to just take a picture.

The trainers are designed with a color scheme that just may work for everyone looking to upgrade their style. At a first glance, the trainers give off a bold, energetic vibe. The surface is an amalgamation of mint and forest green accentuated with a white wave-like pattern that is further uplifted with Magenta and sky blue. The colors give off a funky cool look that could be great good in any photo.

A filter for your feet or digital shoes?

The augmented reality behind the app allows you to put a filter on your feet much like a face filter. You can have the fancy shoes to take cool pictures and share on social media at just $9-12. What’s more? If you buy the trainers within the Gucci app, you will unlock a downloadable version of the trainers that you can use on virtual reality platforms (VRChat) and online games (Roblox).

If you follow Gucci, then you may remember the brand doing an entire line of AR version of its sneakers so users can virtually try on the shoes before they buy.

A wave of digital products

Earlier, Gucci converted a lot of its designs into virtual wearables for several video game avatars including The North Face on Pokemon Go and accessories for Sims 4. However, Gucci Virtual 25 is the first all-digital trainers that can only be worn in the virtual world. Gucci is not the only brand making headways in fashion innovation. Buffalo London too released a virtual version of its platform trainers that were first made popular by the Spice Girls in the early 90s.

How to buy virtual fashion

If you have had the chance to try digital artworks that can be bought through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), you know that the virtual items don’t become anyone’s procession as they are not for resale. Similarly, as a user, you can only wear these trainers for the price much like music on iTunes. You can only listen to a song, but you can’t own it.  

The future of digital fashion experiences 

Sergey Arkhangelskiy, CEO and co-founder of Wanna believes that fashion innovation like the Gucci Virtual 25 will become more ubiquitous. Speaking to Business of Fashion, he said, “In five or maybe 10 years a relatively big chunk of fashion brands revenue will come from digital products. He further added, “Our goal as a company is to supersede the product photos… and substitute it for something which is way more engaging and closer to offline shopping.”

Given that there are millions of social media influencers around the world creating content every day, it makes sense to have digital products and footwear. Gucci Virtual 25 seems to be the tip of the iceberg. Many multinational brands are already picking on the trend to create digital footwear. 

Do you see yourself in these trainers? Do you think you could try your shoes virtually before purchase? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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This post was last updated on 21, October 2021. 


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