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Rabbit AI’s latest innovation, the r1 device is from a partnership with the acclaimed Teenage Engineering, and it’s not your average digital device. Looking like Tamagotchi, this device is priced at $199USD.

At its core, r1 runs on Rabbit OS, leveraging the Large Action Model (LAM) to transcend traditional AI limitations. Unlike conventional voice assistants, r1’s AI can navigate complex tasks across various apps, making digital chores like booking flights or managing online shopping carts a breeze​​.

Rabbit AI’s ethos of user empowerment and privacy preservation sets it apart in the crowded AI space. By allowing users to teach the AI new tricks and ensuring data security, Rabbit AI positions r1 as a personal assistant that respects user autonomy​.

In design, r1 breaks the mold with its retro-inspired aesthetics and innovative features like the “rabbit eye” camera. It’s a testament to Rabbit AI’s commitment to marrying functionality with form, promising a user experience that’s as delightful as it is efficient​ ​.

As we step into a future teeming with technological possibilities, Rabbit AI’s r1 stands out as a pivotal player in Personal Tech. With its intuitive interface, privacy-centric approach, and versatile capabilities, r1 is not just a gadget but a gateway to a more streamlined and personalized digital life.

Mo Zhou