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Japan’s Virtual “It Girl” doesn’t just look like a real girl; she also thinks like one too! 

Japan’s Virtual “It Girl” is everything a girl would dream of; she has a spotless pale complexion and striking features paired with a pastel, bubblegum, wig trimmed to perfection.

As Japan’s first CGI model, Imma is doing better than most real-world models. She has over 300K followers on Instagram and has already been the face of renowned brands, including IKEA, Amazon, Valentino, Dior, Puma, Nike, and Calvin Klein. She was also chosen as one of the “New 100 talents to watch” by Japan Economics Entertainment. Last year, Magnum China partnered with Imma to launch a new flavor of their ice cream, Magnum Matcha.

Imma for Amazon
Imma for Dior


Imma for Puma
Imma for Valentino

Every time she posts something, she garners thousands of likes. People interact with her posts even though she is a virtual influencer and not a real person.

The creation of Japan’s Virtual “It Girl” 

Imma was created by Modeling Cafe, a Tokyo-based CG company that builds virtual worlds and models for games, movies, and commercials. The word Imma means Now in Japanese and goes perfectly with her distinct persona that, like her appearance, is created with attention to detail. Scrolling through her Instagram, at first, you won’t even notice that she’s not real. She poses in front of cars, makes videos around Tokyo, and even shares videos of her dog Einstein. Sometimes, you will find her posing with her sibling.  

In reality, Imma’s hyper-realistic head is added to a human body in real-world settings and backgrounds to create a vividly realistic scene. Her hyper-realistic face is a result of female-defined aesthetics by a team of female makeup and visual artists. 

Her personality and lifestyle

When she is not busy shooting for brand campaigns, she does everyday things. According To her Instagram profile, Imma is interested in Japanese culture, film, and art. She often uses the hashtag “IthinkIamCGI” as she goes around exploring museums and art. She usually questions her own identity in her Insta posts and jokes about being a virtual being. So not only is she super creative with the way she shares her life, she’s got a delightful sense of humor that will make anyone smile. 

Apart from her fascination with culture and art, Imma is curious about social issues like gender and race. In fact, she seems to care about these issues more than some real people. 

Image/Imma Instagram
Image/Imma Instagram

She responds to people just like a normal person. 

Image/Imma’s Instagram

Imma’s creators want her to be more than just a virtual influencer; they want her to have a real, normal life that her audience can follow. People want to hear from other real people not from CGI creations. So, it is not surprising that a lot of work goes into creating Imma’s daily life.

When she is not posing for big brands or playing around with her sibling or dog, you’ll see her interact with other people and even play games. On the whole, her life seems more interesting than an average social media user’s. And perhaps that is why she has amassed such a following.

Image/Imma Instagram
Image/Imma’s Instagram

Imma has made home in our hearts in such a short span. Could you have ever imagined that you would be looking at pictures posted by a fake virtual girl? Her cute pink hair and a positive attitude towards life are a breath of fresh air and inspire us to live with a little more enthusiasm than we can usually muster. Perhaps this is why we love seeing her in our favorite brand commercials? What do you think of Imma? Let us know in the comment section below.



Hybrid Rituals

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.