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Digital influencers are quickly becoming sustainable fashion influencers. Are you one of them yet?


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There are around 40 million social media influencers around the world. [Mediakix] If you are one of those influencers, chances are that you are contributing to the environmental damage that comes as a after-effect of the conventional fashion business cycle. Good news is that fashion tech may have a solution for this problem.

How To Become A Sustainable Fashion Influencer?  

We’ve seen many environmentally-conscious fashion influencers switching to more sustainable options. But with sustainability, these clothing are often plain-looking in order to avoid excess toxic materials used. Digital clothing allows us to dress however we want, without material limitations. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your closet was digital? Imagine a fashion-tech closet where you could find a unique article of clothing every time you want to snap a new selfie. Covid has forced us to change the way we do things. Let’s dive into how digital clothing could help you contribute to saving the planet post covid without compromising personal style. 


A Greener Future Empowered By Fashion Tech


A lot happened in the past year. ZARA, the fast fashion retailer, reportedly planned to shut down over 1,000 retail stores due to its dwindling sales. Things are moving to virtual reality. 

Going forward, as a social media influencer you need to invest in fashion that is sustainable. Fashion tech wearables like digital clothing could help you reduce the damage the fashion industry has caused to the environment. You could play a key role here to reverse a lot of that damage. 

According to Vogue Business, the fashion industry produced over 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2018. Social media influencers are buying and discarding more clothes than they used to, and it is only going to get worse in the coming years.

With brands like Tribute and The Fabricant, there’s a chance that you can cut down on those emissions.  


How Digital Fashion Tech Can Help You Become A Sustainable Fashion Influencer? 


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As a fashion influencer, you need to be innovative with your work, which is not always easy. Digital clothing could help you integrate digital copy of a fashion design into your content without owning it in real life.

Digital clothing as a part of the fashion tech industry is still in its infancy. But once the use of tech in fashion becomes widespread, more and more people will accept and adopt the innovative culture of digital clothing. Which means that more companies will step up to fulfill the demand, and you will have more to choose from. 

Digital clothing can help you in two main ways

First, digital clothing offers couture quality designs that can cost thousands of dollars in real life. With digital clothing, you can wear anything without a hefty price tag. Of course, this also depends on the digital fashion designer/brands.

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Secondly, digital clothing is hassle-free. You don’t have to try on a dozen outfits to find the right one. Whatever you think looks great for your style can be edited onto your photograph in a few clicks. As a digital influencer, you can do more with your time when you are not trying out new clothes. 

Third, the idea of digital clothing is to find ways to reduce the environmental damage that results from apparel manufacturing. Our dependence on new and innovative fashion has increased since the rise of social media in the past couple of years. With digital clothing, you can reduce that dependence. 

According to Ronny Mikalsen, chief executive officer of Carlings, a Scandinavian retailer, 95% of the feedback they had from their customers is super positive. Mikalsen believes that digital clothing could become a highly sustainable alternative for social media influencers and content creators who like to use high-tech wearables.


So, How Does Digital Clothing Work? 


Digital clothes are edited onto your photo. Companies that sell digital clothes have a team of editors who are proficient at editing the designs.


Credits / DressX

Let’s say you like a digital shirt, you would purchase the digital garment from an online digital marketplace like DressX,  and send them your photo. The company’s design team would edit the outfit onto your photo making it seem like you are wearing that digital outfit. 

This will remove so much hassle from your life, especially if you are a social media influencer. You will no longer have to try out different clothes or spend a huge chunk of your time looking for the right styles.

Digital fashion offers designs that are highly unique, it does not strip your personal style away from wearing physical clothing for your social media posts. You will no longer have to worry about clothes piling up in your closet. 

While digital fashion isn’t entirely environment-friendly due to computer CO2 emissions, choosing digital fashion means you would be reducing the carbon footprint associated with fashion manufacturing, transporting and disposing, which is way more significant.


Digital fashion and the pandemic


The pandemic caused a dynamic shift in the fashion industry, forcing many high-end fashion brands to rely on virtual reality shows. Similarly, digital clothing helps us ensure that we are practicing proper safety guidelines while taking a step towards greener fashion. 

Companies like Carlings and DressX want to create innovative ways to manufacture and use apparels that not only reduce the carbon footprint but also give consumers good design choices. 


Credits / Carlings

Digital clothing is not a substitute or replacement for real clothing, but it will help you contribute to the environment and explore more possibilities. 

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