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HERON01 is the world’s first fully sustainable 3D slip-on printed shoe created by Heron Preston in partnership with Zellerfeld. The Heron Preston 3D shoes are fully recyclable and the first shoes to be available to the general public.

While Heron Preston is a renowned name in avante-garde fashion, this is not the first time the designer has taken the significant risk to create something different in a market that has yet to recognize additive manufacturing as a practical idea. Previously, Heron Preston has worked with brands like Gentle Monster, Calvin Klien, and Levi’s. This time the designer has joined forces with a New York-based technology company Zellerfeld.

What Makes Heron Preston 3D Shoes So Different?

The fashion industry is one of the major contributors to land, air, and water pollution. While Many brands are challenging the conventional fashion practices through sustainability initiatives, Heron Preston seems to have taken it a little more seriously. Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to create fashion. It may not eradicate all environmental pollution, but it does reduce waste to a minimum. 

Conventional shoe design and manufacturing can take months, while Heron Preston 3D shoes only take a couple of days. These shoes reduce waste and environmental impact on every step of the process. First, they do not require intricate supply chains to produce the shoes, eliminating chemicals, dyes, and fabric cutouts. Second, once the 3D shoes reach the end of their lifecycle, they can be recycled and turned into new materials for new designs and shoes.

The Non-traditional Design Of The Heron Preston 3D Shoes

Image /@Heron Preston

The shoes look something quite similar to the Heron’s (bird) claw but only upon close inspection. The surface of the shoes has a scaly texture that may remind you of scales on the bird’s feet. The slip-on design features low ankle support and a chunky sole. You won’t find any seam, glued or stitched pieces, or weak joints.

What Does This Mean For The Footwear Industry?

With additive manufacturing, designers can focus on the design and the functionality without any hassle that is usually a part of conventional footwear manufacturing. Heron was able to design his 3D shoes within days! Imagine the time saved. More time means more energy dedicated to innovation that can help us make fashion sustainable all while reducing waste.

Zellerfled defined Heron as a truly inspirational designer. According to Zellerfeld CEO, Cornelius Schmitt, “3D printing will allow visionaries like him to reshape footwear for the better.”

You can buy the Heron Preston 3D shoes on StockX where you can enter the contest to win the shoes by donating $10. The charity aims to eradicate child labor on a global scale. If you win, you will also get exclusive access to Zellerfeld’s Beta Program. You can wear the shoes as part of the beta testing program, and then trade them for reprint or update for a newer version. You will also get a free update in the future. 

The shoes will be available on StockX on October 5, and as a limited-release version on Zellerfeld for beta testers. 

Deena Bahri, CMO of StockX, describes the shoes as a one-of-its-kind value-driven product that can help support a notable cause: child labor.

Have you tried 3D shoes before? How was your experience? Tell us what you would like to see a 3D shoe.



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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.