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Heron Preston X Gentle Monster partnered to bring a futuristic eyewear collection that readily syncs with your workwear.

In July this year, the brands (Heron Preston X Gentle Monster) released a limited edition eyewear collection with 3 unique, futuristic styles and colors. Brands’ custom-made cases accompany the eyewear making it a perfect duo for high-end eyewear enthusiasts.

Heron Preston X Gentle Monster collaboration

The collection is inspired by utilitarian clothing, created to go well with workwear exoskeletons.

This collaboration brought an otherworldly eyewear fashion that does more than just look good sitting on the bridge of your nose. The 3 styles feature the signature “Spirit Level” design that was first introduced on the heel of the brand’s famous women’s boots.

According to the designer, “The level was first introduced in the collections as a heel on our women’s boots. Given the success and excitement around that idea, we challenged ourselves to think of other ways the level could be applied across different product categories. The shape and construction of sunglasses are the perfect platforms for this idea. The horizontal line that creates the temple on the side of the glasses directly relates to the line of a level. It was the perfect fit.”

Level 0 01 is a black round acetate frame with UV-protected lenses.

Image/@Heron Preston X Gentle

Level 0 NY1 and Level 0 C1 come in a Navy round acetate frame with UV-protected lenses. 

Image / @Heron Preston X Gentle

All three frames feature the signature orange and black Heron Preston logo. Each pair is available for $495.

The eyewear comes in custom-designed cases that protect it from everyday wear and tear, increasing overall longevity. So you not only get cool sunglasses to wear with your workwear, you get durable eyewear for years to come.

About Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster is a South Korean eyewear brand famous for its high-end experimentation. They describe their work to be high technology, product, space, culture design, and style-driven. Over the years, the brand has achieved innumerable successes with its alluring designs blended with creative styles that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Gentle Monster has previously partnered with Diplo, Ambush, and Marine Serre.  

About Heron Preston

Heron Preston is San Francisco-based contemporary luxury brand by American artist Heron Preston. Over the years, it has collaborated with Nike, Kanye West, NASA, and Off-white. The brand focuses on creating fashion that merges culture and sustainability through constant innovation and experimentation.

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.