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Windowsen exoskeleton brings a new kind of fashion to the runway — something never seen before. Is it going to beautify assistive machines?

The fashion industry is quickly coming to terms with norms and standards that were once deemed unconventional and unacceptable. There is an ongoing conversation about sexism, racism, and human and animal rights and the fashion industry seems to be at the forefront of it. From plus-sized models gracing the glossy covers of Vogue and Cosmopolitan to fashion designs that transcend beyond reality to meet boundless futurism, everything in fashion is slowly evolving to embrace the inclusion of novel ideas. One such novel idea is the use of the exoskeletons in fashion. 

What Exactly Is An Exoskeleton?

Exoskeletons in general are widely used in warehouses, factories, and construction sites. Recently, they have been rapidly added as therapeutic and aiding devices for people with disabilities. In fashion, exoskeletons are giving designers the ability to think beyond conventionalism. Iris Van Herpen is a notable name in 3D printing and exoskeleton designs.

Exoskeletons In Fashion 

Exoskeletons have been gracing runways for a while. In February, Femita Ayanbeku (the paralympic champion) walked the Chromat fashion show wearing a prosthetic leg, while single-leg amputee, Viktoria Modesta, the bionic artist, walked the runway in a luminous dress. Rhianna’s Savage Fenty Beauty show models with prosthetics, and Alexander Mcqueen’s spine corset are just some examples of exoskeletons in fashion. 

Windowsen Exoskeleton, Alien Fashion And Much More!

Recently, Chinese-born designer, Sensen Lii, introduced exoskeleton boots in his S222 ‘Monster Heart’ runway show. 

The designer defined the objective of the show to be: 

All lifeforms, humans, replicants, and extraterrestrials, are just a carrier of data, like a puppet trapped in this AL-simulated underworld. They are drawn into a hunt for Heart on this Halloween eve, to seek and obtain free will.”

By merging the human body with technological armor, are designers trying to make the future of fashion hybrid?  

The Future Of Exoskeletons

While in medical science and construction and other industries, exoskeletons can help humans accomplish a wide variety of otherwise impossible tasks, what is the purpose of exoskeletons in everyday fashion? Is it just a fleeting trend soon to be forgotten or a substantial fashion innovation that would change the way we see and wear fashion? Exoskeletons in fashion could accomplish several things: first, they could help designers use 3D printing and other technologies that eradicate the environmental damage linked with traditional fashion production processes; and second, they could help designers use their imagination without any physical limitations because with 3D crafted exoskeletons there is no limit to what you can create.

Who Is Sensen Lii – The Man Behind Windowsen Exoskeleton Boots

Sensen Lii is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where he quickly gained prominence for his buzz-worthy dramatic, and aesthetic-filled couture. He draws his inspiration from the unknown and strives to create designs that merge reality with otherworldly concepts, including aliens and outer space through technological tools like 3D printing and innovative production methods. With his designs, Lii wants to help humans become extraterrestrials. In an interview with Vogue, Lii defined his vision as: 

I hope to create another dimension, an alternate reality where things may function differently from the space we inhabit. No boundaries, no judges, and each person are encouraged to be the way they are.”

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.