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If you have been thinking about trying digital fashion but just couldn’t muster the strength to try it, Safiya Nygaard has done it for you.

The 9-million-followers YouTube star stumbled upon DressX, the first international digital fashion multibrand retailer, on her Facebook feed and decided to give it a shot. Safiya chose several digital dresses and tried the DressX AR app and its main service to experiment.

In case youre not familiar with digital fashion, it’s a type of fashion that allows you to buy something you can’t experience in real lifeAnd it doesn’t burden you with concerns over size or price tags. All you have to do is find an outfit that you think looks great on you, take a picture in a form-fitting dress or clothing, send it to platforms like DressX, and have your chosen item photoshopped on you.

Safiya details her experience in her YouTube video. Just like most of us, she seems highly enthusiastic about digital fashion and even loved most of the looks (even the ones that were “photoshopped” in a glitchy manner).


First Try: Wearing Digital Fashion via AR APP 

Safiya tried the DressX AR app first before hitting the main service. DressX’s AR App allows you to wear digital clothing via a filter function just like Instagram and Snapchat. While the looks were cute, the filter wasn’t able to fit Safiya’s body exactly (as you can see the arm and leg details), but its easy and fun to play around with.

Safiya also referred the AR app’s link to the latest fashion NFT trends, and that she thinks this is a cool app to try, but still think is still in the early stage and need to have better fitting.

Credit / Safiya Nygard


7 Days With Digital Fashion

After fail using the DressX AR app to create a realistic image, Safiya then tried DressX’s main service — photoshop the buyer with with purchased digital dress. She wanted to test if her fans would notice that it was digital fashion rather than physical.  She then took different photos in various backgrounds with 3D outfits designed by various artists to see if the photos worked differently.

She wore a black tube dress to make sure it won’t interfere with the digital dress.

Credits / Safiya Nygard

And the after looks pretty realistic!

Credits / Safiya Nygard

As mentioned in the video, her fans did question the realness of the dress, but most of them gave positive comments. In Safiya’s own opinion, she liked the outcome of this dress in particular (as opposed to another similar dress that was applied to another picture that was took at the same setting).

Below is another outfit with a “motion” dress that makes many fans scratch their heads: how is it possible to wear flowy dress on a still image?



There are many other looks that Safiya has tried, but we’re not going to spoil everything. Watch the video if you haven’t yet. But from the comments section, all the outfits she has tried have received good feedbacks!


The Verdict? What Does It Mean For Influencers?

Questioning about the success rate of this experiment? Apart from the bad “photoshopping” occurred in some parts, and additional fees that is charged for customizing per photo, Safiya gave a nod to this new disruptive tech for fashion! She even mentioned that the dress she wore on the 4th day received more likes than her birthday post which surprised her quite a bit. The “motion” dresses are also a huge potential for influencers to wear since Instagram’s algorithm promote video posts rather than still images.


You can find the digital clothes Safiya wore at DressX.comFor influencers that are reading this, this might be your chance to up your engagement!  Direct yourself to How To Become A Sustainable Fashion Influencer With Digital Clothing to find out more.

Digital fashion is quickly becoming mainstream as brands like Hugo Boss and Balenciaga introduce virtual collections. In a couple years, we could be shifting to virtual closets. 

Have you tried digital fashion yet? Do you plan on? Tell us in the comment section below.

Hybrid Rituals

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.