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Remember when chunky bi-fold and trifold wallets were cool? The more cards, cheques, and stacks of dollar bills you can squeeze in there, the better. Back in the day, people would have Prada, Louis Vuitton or Coach wallets on their to-get list. Well, we have come a long way since then. Having thick wallets is as old as having a RPTV. China, in fact, has been using cellphones to complete everyday payment transactions via 3rd party Apps such as WeChat and Alipay. We will be recommending our top 6 wearable payment bracelets & smart watches.



For similar tap-to-pay, cash-less and contact-less functions, wearable wristbands are a good alternative for you to eliminate the physical baggage and comes with other APPS and abilities. If you are a watch wearer who prefers multi-functionality over analogue craftsmanship, you may consider upgrading to a digital timekeeper to optimize your daily rituals.

Thick wallet lines look terrible on the back of your pants pocket. They should be sleep and simple, may it be a card-holder, for essentials like IDs and drivers licenses, etc.


“Carrying less, keep everything contact-less and digitized is a much hassle-free and secure lifestyle.”


Top 6 Wearable Payment Bracelets & Smart Watches

Best Fitness Smartwatch 2021: Apple Watch


Image / Apple


Apple Watch is the smart watch that has the most apps. Using your iPhone, you need to verify your identity to initiate Google or Apple payment methods. The watch can connect to a Wi-Fi network for functions that need data. It can also connect to mobile network to enable text messages, accept calls and access installed apps. This procedure is simple and it is also customizable.


Leather Accessories: Tovi Sorga

Image / Tovi Sorga

Tovi Sorga is a luxury British brand specialising in combining leather design and tech together. They source natural leather sustainably, and makes smart accessories including payment bracelets in partnership with Pingit app on both iOS and Android, for UK residents over 16 with any UK current account. The bracelets are unisex, and does not need to be charged many smart watches.


Samsung Best Fitness Band: Samsung Gear (S3)

Image / Samsung Gear


The device is a smart move for Samsung to grow the Samsung Pay empire. This watch is made of steel bezel, a material that allows you to access notifications and applications. Its battery capacity is 380mAH thus typical usage of up to 3 days. it supports wireless charging method. The watch is water, dust and extreme temperature resistant. Different from other payment methods, Samsung Pay works by use of magnetic stripe readers, thus the ability to work in a variety of places.


Wristband Payment System: Tag Heuer Modular 45

Image / Tag Heuer


In case you have been looking for a luxury smartwatch with payment option, this is the best wearable for you. This smartwatch offers you all the luxury you can imagine. It features AMOLED display, a rechargeable battery, microphone, alarm, gyroscope and a chronograph. The watch allows you to access both analogue and digital screens by just swapping. The watch face is made of matte black ceramic. It supports phones that are at least with an Android 6.0+ or iOS 10.0+ system.


Luxury Smartwatch: Hublot Big Bang e Titanium


Image / Hublot


Luxury watch brands like Hublot combined intricate watch craftsmanship and technology together for their Connected Collection. Made of titanium, it combines 42 traditional components, its famous rubber strap, and scratch-proof sapphire crystal with anti-reflective Treatment. It features Google Wear OS functions which allows easy payment processing. Compatible with Android 6.0+ and above (excluding Go edition) and iOS 12.0+ and above.


Sports Wristbands: Suunto 7

Image / Suunto

The Suunto smart watches are a great option if you are an outdoors adventurer. Safety and accessibility are two main aspects to keep in mind when packing for a trip. Suunto smartwatches are water proof and weather proof, and paired with Google Pay for easy payment. Suunto focuses on activity monitoring through activity tracking apps which can be easily interacted with on your 454 x 454 pixels screen. Additionally, it supports Android™ and iOS phones.


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Mo Zhou

Founder of Hybrid Rituals. #AlwaysCurious

Founder of Hybrid Rituals. #AlwaysCurious