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Nike Adapt
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Anyone who watched Back To The Future Part II must remember Marty McFly and his futuristic Nike Mag self-lacing shoes. Even though it only appeared in the 1989 movie for a couple scenes, the light teal blue and metal grey high-top from 2015 (which was still future for when the movie came out) still made a huge impact on the audience, even decades after the movie was released. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the shoes were so popular that Nike eventually produced them in real-life in contribution to the real Marty McFly’s cause –

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease research. Nike released 2 versions of real-life Nike Mags in limited quantities, once in 2011 and once in 2016. Although the original Mag was designed to have high-tech appeals and auto-tying, light-up capabilities, it is not meant for intense activity wear.


Image / Nike


Good news for Back to the Future and high-tech shoes fans, Nike Mag will no longer just be a limited edition fan fiction display. As technology is becoming more ubiquitous and useful in the wearables industry, there is nothing that can stop Nike from creating a more non-collector-focused version of Mag. The Adapt BB line fits exactly in this market niche: shoes that are made for active or everyday wear, while providing additional benefits from its embedded technology. Though the new consumer-focused versions are mainly available in low-tops with many color choices, the functions remains the same. The price are more affordable than the limited edition Mag, however they still cost higher than regular Nike collections, priced starting at $400USD for retail.


What Do Nike Adapt Shoes Do?

Image / Nike

Tired of tie-ing your shoelace? This collection is good for athletes to eliminating the danger of tripping over untied lace, or for those who are unable to bend down and tie their shoelaces. Nike’s goal is to use fitAdapt system to adjust the laces to fit like second skin, thus make this collection as utilitarian as possible for everyday wear.

What Is Special About Nike Adapt?

Unlike the limited edition, this one is made for intense activities. This seemingly small and impractical technology provides solutions to many unthinkable circumstances which could actually provide help to people. Apart from the auto lacing technology, its rainbow color lighting is an incredible prop for night photography (illustrated in the photo above). So far, the collection has 3 main models with upgraded designs of each, and has many colorways available.


Training: HyperAdapt 1.0

Image / Nike


Lifestyle: Adapt Auto Max

Credits: Nike

Lifestyle: Adapt Huarache

Credits / Nike


Basketball: Adapt BB 1.0

Credits / Nike

Basketball: Adapt BB 2.0

Credits / Nike



Credits / Nike
Image/ Nike

Nike drops new collections every now and then, it might be partnered with a brand or it might be the series new original. No matter what theme the new design is, each pair always comes with a charger which you can place your shoes on for wireless charging. On the side of the shoes, you may see 2 buttons that controls auto-lacing functions manually. It auto adjusts to the shape of your foot, and can be controlled by mobile app, iWatch, and Siri.⁠ In case you worry, the laces can be undone manually when it’s out of battery for safe-use purpose.⁠ For aesthetic purpose, the buttons also acts as decorative lights that you can customize on your mobile device to match your mood or your outfit.


Basketball: Adapt BB – AJ11 25th Anniversary

Credits / Nike Adapt BB AJ11 Anniversary edition

Are Nike Adapt Waterproof?

No, the sneakers are not waterproof. The instruction manual does not recommend machine wash. However, the lace engine is water proof and won’t get damaged with sweat or rain water.

How Long Do Nike Adapts Last?

After a full charge, the battery should last up to 14-20 days. However, the battery life depends on how often you lace your shoes.

Are Nike Adapt Comfortable?

Nike defines this collection as “objectively sleek shoe” that is highly comfortable. It is easily slips on the foot and is true to size.


While the movie did not explicitly mention how the original Nike Mag works from A-Z, here is what Nike is doing now – 5 years after the 2015 future. Nike recently announced its new sneakers drop for Air Jordan 11’s 25th anniversary celebration. The Adapt BB version’s design of the sneaker remains similar to the original AJ 11. Unlike the original, this looks much smaller in size; however, the main technological benefits remain the same.

If you are a Back to the Future die-hard fan, or someone who’s unable to tie shoe laces, Nike Adapt provides a good range of shoes to upgrade to. Most of their styles are hybrids of existing shoe design with Nike’s fitAdapt system, so you don’t miss out on the popular ones from the non high-tech range. Check out the collection here.


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Mo Zhou

Founder of Hybrid Rituals. #AlwaysCurious

Founder of Hybrid Rituals. #AlwaysCurious